Can a BTech student do MBA in hospital management?

Can a BTech student do MBA in hospital management?

Yep. You can do hospitality management after engineering. It is an interesting and is currently one of the growing field.

Is MBA good after BTech in CSE?

They obtain an MBA degree to become entrepreneurs and start their own venture. MBA training includes business management, financial management, planning, marketing, and many skills that entrepreneurs need. Therefore, it is a highly desirable degree to pursue after BTech.

Can I do MBA after computer science engineering?

Basically, an MBA in IT involves management skills that work in tandem with academic computer science skills mastered during engineering. In case of CS engineers, this could be an MBA in IT or even Marketing,” advise other career counsellors.

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Which MBA Branch is best for computer engineers?

Atulya Pattamatta

  1. MBA in FInance. An MBA in Finance is one of the most popular and highly opted specializations of an MBA.
  2. MBA in Marketing. There is a huge demand for engineers with marketing specializations.
  3. MBA in Human Resource Management(HRM)
  4. MBA in International Business(IB)
  5. MBA in Operations Management.

Can I do MBA in hospital management after be?

Hospital Management is largely offered at the post-graduate level but few courses under healthcare management are also offered at the graduate level. MBA in Hospital Management courses can be pursued full time, online and as distance education.

What is Computer management MBA?

M.B.A. Computer Management or Master of Business Administration in Computer Management is a postgraduate Computer Engineering course. After passing the course, candidates have many options in teaching fields and can also go for further studies. Hence, this degree course is job as well as career orienting in nature.

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What is computer management MBA?

Can a CSE student study MBA?

If you are passionate about the economic sector and want to start your own start-up or become a good manager, you can study an MBA after completing a Computer Science degree. Usually, there are no restrictions in this regard.

Is it possible to do MBA after BTech?

MBA after B.Tech – Over the past several years there has been an increase in the trend of engineering graduates pursuing MBA after B.Tech. Those who pursue MBA after BTech either do it after working for two or three years or they gain some experience say about five years to pursue an MBA degree.

Why should you opt for MBA after engineering?

Moreover, opting for MBA after Engineering provides you with a balanced combination of entrepreneurial and managerial abilities as well as technical dexterity thus contributing to your strive to create an incredible organisation on your own.

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Can you get a job with an MBA and no education?

Many people do B.Tech, MBA and then get into Insurance or Banking sales which are not at all related to their educational background. Although, there are very few job profiles which relate to education provided in school or colleges, 180-degree change in direction raises many questions.

Do engineers with MBA degree get paid more?

However, rest assured, it is a well-established fact that Engineers with MBA degrees usually command higher salaries than their counterparts who do not hold an MBA degree. Candidates holding both B.Tech and MBA degrees have much more extensive business knowledge and competency than those who don’t.