Can a science student take admission in BA in DU?

Can a science student take admission in BA in DU?

Students who have applied to Delhi University this year will lose nearly five per cent marks for changing stream to take admission in a BA Pass course. Changing stream for Honours will cost an aspirant 2.5 per cent. Similarly, a science student who wants to pursue a BA Pass course will also lose nearly five per cent.

Can a science student go to DU?

Classes and practical work for students in science programmes at Delhi University will be conducted in the physical mode starting from August 16. Now, the university has taken the call to move classes offline for all undergraduate and postgraduate students of science courses.

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Which DU colleges offer Philosophy?

A. Acharya Narendra Dev College.

  • B. Bhagini Nivedita College.
  • C. College of Art.
  • D. Daulat Ram College. G. Gargi College.
  • H. Hans Raj College. I. Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education & Sports Sciences. J.
  • K. Kalindi College for Women. L. Lady Irwin College.
  • M. Maharaja Agarsen College. P. P.G.D.A.V. College. R.
  • S. Satyawati College.
  • What is the scope of Philosophy Honours?

    Graduates in Philosophy field can find jobs in private, public, and non-profit sectors. Professionals may get opportunities in arts-based areas like journalism, publishing, advertising, media, teaching, IT and computing.

    Can a science student do BA in psychology?

    Yes of course any one can take admission in BA psychology , or any social science subject. Either from science, mathematics, commerce or arts . Any arts student can not take admission in science side either he have to revise that level .

    Can I take BA after 12th science?

    Yes, of course . You can definitely do BA after 12th science. If you have some career plans that require you to do BA then its pretty okay , you can definitely pursue the course in any of the universities . Bachelor in Arts does not necessarily require you to be an arts student in 12th.

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    What is BSC physical science?

    B.Sc. Physical Science is a 3 year programme which teaches the student about the earth sciences. The course trains the student about the theoretical as well as practical aspects of Physical Science which helps in making the candidate’s career as scientist or even a chemist.

    Is Philosophy Hons a good course?

    Just like any other academic domain – BA (Hons) Philosophy from Delhi University can make one’s career and social possibilities highly enjoyable since it gives the students an excellent chance to think deeply about all major and minor affairs of their lives, families, societies, and future careers.

    How is the BA(Hons) Philosophy programme in Delhi University?

    The BA (Hons) Philosophy programme in Delhi University is an attempt to both introduce and, at the same time, provide an in depth look into one of the most challenging subjects that one can study.

    Is there any deduction for admission in philosophy (Hons)?

    However, this deduction will not be applicable for admission in Philosophy (Hons). 3. Inclusion of any subject other than those given in Lists A and B in the ―best three‖ will lead to a deduction of 2.5\% per subject on the aggregate of the Best Four.

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    Why choose the University of Delhi for under-graduate courses?

    The University of Delhi envisions all its programmes in the best interest of their students and in this endeavour it offers a new vision to all its Under-Graduate courses. It imbibes a Learning Outcome-based Curriculum Framework (LOCF) for all its Under Graduate programmes.

    What can I do with a degree in philosophy?

    Pursuing a degree in philosophy will make students pursue interesting careers in media, education, law, politics, government etc. The B A (Hons.)