Can mechanical students sit for IT placements?

Can mechanical students sit for IT placements?

Yes, student from another branch can sit in placement drive of IT or CS only if company has requirement of other branches students for some specific job position which is not coding related it may be management,marketing. You should sit for all companies whether it is core or from technical background.

What is the starting package after doing an M Tech at IITs?

Lowest Base salaryoffered : 11.4 LPA. Average CTC :25 LPA. Average Base salary :17.5 LPA.

How is mechanical engineering placements in IIT?

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The IIT Delhi mechanical placement records are excellent. About 85\%of the students were placed in mechanical branch. The highest package offered wasif 45LPA where as 9-8.5LPA was recorded as the average package and 6.5LPa was the lowest package.

What is the scope of MTech in mechanical engineering?

M. Tech Mechanical Engineer salary in India in public and private sectors are around INR 8.2 LPA – 10 LPA. Therefore, the scope after M….Salary Packages for M. tech Mechanical Engineering Graduates.

Designation Salary
Mechanical Engineer INR 6.5 LPA
Design Engineer INR 4 LPA
Project Engineer INR 4.5 LPA

Can an Iitian get job in Google?

Answer. Yes, it is certainly possible to work atGoogle. It does not matter if you are from IIT or not. Even if you can’t getthrough placement cell of IITs (ifGoogle comes to campus placement in that particular season), you havevery good chance that you may getthrough by applying online.

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Which IIT is best for M Tech mechanical engineering?

As per faculties and simplicity, IIT Madras is the most appropriate for mechanical engineering. For hands-on experience with labs and campus facilities, IIT Kharagpur is the best.

What are the placements of MTech students in IITs?

M.Tech students do get placed in Amazon, Adobe, Morgan Stanley, Oracle, Citrix, Cisco, Mircrosoft etc. Some of these companies hire more M.Tech students than B.Tech. Placement in IITs depend very much on your caliber than on anything else.

How do I get placed in the top companies after IIT?

The main thing to get placed in the top company is your profile this means usually these type of companies picks up the students from IIT/NIT/IIIT and few reputed colleges. (Pick up in the sense these institutions students will have more opportunities but not guaranteed he/she will be get placed in these companies)

Is there any separate placement for Mtech and BTech?

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There is no separate placement for M.Tech and B.Tech. This means an M.Tech candidate has to compete with B.Tech candidate for placements. But if you have done your course seriously you can still compete with them. A lot of us guys do get better placements than the others!

What are the career options after MTech?

Teaching is last option left after doing M.Tech. (if you have done really bad and have spend 2 years in just passing time). M.Tech students do get placed in Amazon, Adobe, Morgan Stanley, Oracle, Citrix, Cisco, Mircrosoft etc.