Does Piccolo become good?

Does Piccolo become good?

Why did Piccolo turn good in Dragon Ball Z? – Quora. Well, it was respect for Goku and then Gohan handled the rest. After his battle against Goku, Piccolo gradually began to develop for the better as the evil nature only dwelled through his desire to destroy Goku inherited from his father/former self.

Does Vegeta Tell Bulma He loves her?

Vegeta is later allowed to return to fight Majin Buu and he learns Bulma has been killed and Trunks has been absorbed by Majin Buu. After Majin Buu is defeated, Bulma is so happy at Vegeta’s accomplishment in saving the universe that she confesses her love for him and welcomes him back when he returns.

Can Vegeta beat Recoome?

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Sensing their familiar and overwhelming Ki, Vegeta reluctantly teams up with Gohan & Vegeta to fight them off. While the fight against Gurd goes fine enough, Vegeta can do nothing against Recoome. His best efforts amount to superficial damage while Recoome manhandles Vegeta all around Namek.

How did Vegeta survive the Namek arc?

The fact Vegeta survives at all is a miracle. Following his near death experience on Earth, Vegeta enters the Namek arc considerably stronger. The Saiyan Elite goes from struggling against Goku to taking out Frieza’s henchmen with minimal effort.

What happened to Vegeta after trunks died?

Following Trunks’ death at the Cell Games, Vegeta loses his sense of self and launches into a rage directed at Cell. After spending all arc ignoring his son, Vegeta finally realizes what Trunks means to him. But the moment is poorly timed and it takes next to no effort for Cell to subdue Vegeta.

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Does Vegeta ever die in Dragon Ball Z?

Vegeta dances with death quite often in Dragon Ball Z and the fact he’s not always guaranteed to survive keeps his battles exciting. Vegeta gets his first taste of true humility when he lands on Earth.