How many hours a day should a 10th class student study?

How many hours a day should a 10th class student study?

Daily Time – table for Class 10th students. As stated above, a student must study for 7 – 10 hours daily. So, a time – table is required to keep the student going i.e. a proper time – table will help in the timely completion of the syllabus so that ample time is left for revision.

How should a 10th class student study?

What is the best daily timetable for grade 10?

  1. 6 AM: Get up and finish your daily chores.
  2. 7 AM: Take up a subject that you’re weak at.
  3. 9 AM: Take a break.
  4. 9.20 AM: Quickly do a 10-minute revision of what you studied in the morning.
  5. 9.30 AM: Now, move on to a scoring subject like Mathematics or Chemistry.
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How can I study smart for 10 boards?

Preparation tips for Subjects of Class 10th Board Exams

  1. Keep the complete list of formulae, experiments, and derivations.
  2. Don’t even think about skipping the science laboratory lectures and classes.
  3. It is crucial to use NCERT books that can be followed thoroughly to score well in Science.

How do I concentrate on my 10th standard CBSE board exams?

Do not say you have to concentrate just because its your 10th standard CBSE. Study for a greater purpose. Study because you want to. Do it with passion and interest, the concentration will automatically come in. Give yourself little treats every time you finish a difficult topic or a set of chapters you’ve decided to complete for a day.

How many hours should I study in 10th class for CBSE?

Friend,generally ,in Class tenth ,we have study five subjects which mathematics,english,science ,hindi/sanskrit and the fifth subject is your optional one it may be fine arts or physical education or computer.It depends upon you what you choose. To be very honest ,at least 6- 8 hours of study is sufficient to secure better marks in the Class tenth.

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How to study for a high percentage in 10th standard?

Divide equal time of study with your main subjects. But do not forget to study subjects like Hindi, English, etc. because they can prove to be a real percentage booster. So, overall, you have to study at least 8 hours a day and make it 9 to 10 hours on holidays like Sunday.

What should I do when I am bored in class 10?

The only thing you need to do is by studying subjects with concentration. Few ways to achieve it are 1. Do not watch tv or listen to music while studying it will surely distract you. 2. Do not keep on studying even if you are bored . Relax yourself for five to ten minutes and then continue with your studies 3. Avoid last minute studying.