Is there any scientific proof that binary gender identities are real?

Is there any scientific proof that binary gender identities are real?

…and no, as far as I know, there is no scientific proof that binary or non-binary gender identities are real – and as non-binary as well as binary experiences are experiences, i.e. how do you, or that person, or that other person, or me or anybody else feel what the appropriate gender for each case is.

What are the non binary sex variations?

Non-binary biological sex, known as intersex variations, occur across: Chromosome variations, such as XXY. Genital variations. Gonad variations, such as ovotestes. Gonad dysfunction, resulting in low testosterone production from testes, or high testosterone production from ovaries.

Are binary transgender people biologically “both”?

And yes, I’m saying that binary transgender people are biologically “both” in a way. They’re biologically a female/male in the brain, while their body goes against these beliefs. When it comes to Non-binary people, there haven’t been extensive research on the subject.

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How do non-binary people validate their experience?

When it comes to non-binary people, they mostly CANNOT validate their experience, and simply use their pronouns and say they prefer being identified as either X or Y, and simply use the argument of “intersex” people, which is not applied in their situation.

Is there a neurological basis for non-binary gender?

There are a handful of studies like this, which attempt to find a neurological basis for subjectively perceived non-binary gender.

What is legal recognition of non-binary gender classifications?

Not to be confused with Legal recognition of intersex people. Multiple countries legally recognize non-binary or third gender classifications. These classifications are typically based on a person’s gender identity.