What are good minors for anthropology majors?

What are good minors for anthropology majors?

Minors in Anthropology

  • Anthropology Minor.
  • Evolutionary and Functional Anatomy Minor.
  • Primatology Minor.
  • Archaeology Minor.
  • Cultural Anthropology Minor.
  • Language, Culture, and Communication Minor.

What is a good minor for Forensic anthropology?

For example, if you plan to work as a forensic anthropologist, you might benefit from a minor in biology, criminal justice, or another field that will support your work in jobs such as medical examiner or criminal investigator. If you plan to teach, a minor in education will help you prepare for a teaching career.

Should I major or minor in anthropology?

Requirements: An undergraduate degree or minor in anthropology can help secure a career in social work, and a cultural anthropology specialty can be an additional benefit because of the communication and cultural skills gained.

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What do you major in for anthropology?

Anthropology majors typically take a biological anthropology class, which delves into human evolution and modern human behavioral biology. They also may study linguistic anthropology, which examines human languages and how they formed, and social-cultural anthropology, which takes a look at how culture affects humans.

What minors go well with cultural anthropology?


  • Computers & Technology.
  • Criminal Justice.
  • Education.
  • Engineering & Science.
  • Humanities.
  • Nursing & Healthcare.
  • Psychology.
  • Can forensic anthropology minor?

    The Forensic Anthropology minor introduces students to the knowledge and skills necessary to employ anthropological techniques in a forensic context. The minor especially complements such degree programs as Criminal Justice and Biology.

    What does a minor in anthropology do?

    Anthropology teaches methodological and analytic skills with a focus on diversity and global issues. The Anthropology minor draws on the traditional, holistic emphasis in the field, which will serve students well in a variety of postgraduate experiences and career paths.

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    Is anthropology a biology?

    Biological anthropology investigates human and nonhuman primate biological evolution and variation by studying biology (especially the skeleton), evolutionary theory, inheritance, the fossil record, and living primates. It looks at interrelationships between behavior, ecology, and biology.

    Should I do a minor in anthropology?

    The study of Anthropology prepares students for excellent jobs and opens doors to numerous career paths, and a minor in Anthropology allows a student to study aspects of the field that especially interests them.

    How to become an anthropologist?

    Earn your diploma or equivalent. To become an anthropologist,you will probably need to attend higher education.

  • Attend undergraduate school. Next,complete an undergraduate program at a college or university. Many institutions offer a major course of study in anthropology.
  • Find a specialty. During your undergraduate studies you will probably have a chance to choose a specialty as an anthropologist.
  • Attend graduate school. Many anthropologists earn advanced credentials such as master’s and doctoral degrees. After undergraduate school,consider attending an advanced degree program in your area of expertise.
  • Research open positions. During and after your coursework in anthropology,research open positions in your area of specialty and in your desired location.
  • Prepare your materials and apply. When preparing your resume and cover letter to apply for anthropology jobs,try to tailor your materials to the specific positions you are applying
  • Interview successfully. Next,you may be invited to interview for anthropologist roles.
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    What are the best colleges for Anthropology?

    The University of California at Berkeley and UCLA. At the University of California at Berkeley, ranked fifth on Campus Explorer’s list of top anthropology colleges, majors and minors are available in anthropology. Master’s and doctoral programs with concentrations in anthropology, archaeology and folklore are also offered.

    Why to study anthropology?

    The study of anthropology is holistic — the study of humans as biological, cultural, and social beings. Anthropologists study alternative ways in which human beings meet their needs and examine overall integration and dissonance within a culture.