What did Brad Pitt say to Leonardo DiCaprio at the Oscars?

What did Brad Pitt say to Leonardo DiCaprio at the Oscars?

At the 92nd annual Academy Awards on Sunday, Pitt and DiCaprio hit the town to find out if they had won the Oscars for Best Supporting Actor and Best Actor, respectively. “Leo, I’ll ride on your coattails any day, man,” he said during his acceptance speech. “The view’s fantastic.”

Why did Leonardo DiCaprio get hit with a bottle?

In 2005, the movie star was attempting to leave a Hollywood Hills party at Paris Hilton’s ex-boyfriend’s house when Aretha Wilson — former model — doused him in liquid and then slashed his face with a broken bottle. Wilson reportedly claimed she thought he was an ex-boyfriend who had been bad-mouthing her.

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How much does Leonardo DiCaprio get for Oscar?

Five years ago, Leonardo DiCaprio won his first—and only—Oscar for Best Actor (Motion Picture Drama) at the 2016 Academy Awards. He nabbed the trophy for a role as the rough-and-tumbling wilderness man Hugh Glass in 2016’s The Revenant. The moment was kinda-sorta a big one for our dear Leo.

Who presented Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar?

Brad Pitt couldn’t help giving his beloved Leonardo DiCaprio a shout-out at the 93rd Academy Awards on Sunday. The “Ad Astra” star presented the Oscar for best supporting actress, and his speech included a nod to the childhood viewing habits of each nominee.

Who did Brad Pitt thank at the Oscars?

Brad Pitt Made The Most Heartfelt Tribute To Leonardo DiCaprio During His Oscars Speech. The 56-year-old said he would ride on his friend’s coattails any day if he could.

How did Leonardo DiCaprio get the scar on his chin?

Once released she was deported back to Canada. She had slashed his face with a broken bottle, resulting in him needing 17 stitches to his face and ear.

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Why did Brad Pitt get an Oscar?

At Sunday night’s Academy Awards, the movie star picked up the statuette for best supporting actor thanks to his breezy turn in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood. In his acceptance speech, Pitt paid tribute to Tarantino, Hollywood’s stunt community, and, most importantly, his children.