What is it called when a person identifies as an animal?

What is it called when a person identifies as an animal?

People who identify as other than human have been described (and describe themselves as ‘animal-people’, ‘lycanthropes’, ‘therianthropes’ and, most recently, ‘otherkin’. Together they have a history stretching back to antiquity: witness the fabulous beasts which embellish the margins of medieval manuscripts.

What is it called when you identify as an inanimate object?

Abstract. Objectum-sexuality (OS) is a sexual orientation which has received little attention in the academic literature. Individuals who identify as OS experience emotional, romantic and/or sexual feelings towards inanimate objects (e.g. a bridge, a statue).

Is there such thing as species dysphoria?

Species dysphoria is the experience of dysphoria and dysmorphia involving the belief of one’s body being the wrong species. A person may not be happy with their body image and may hallucinate or think of themselves as an animal of some sort.

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What is a kin type?

A kin type is a designation that is assigned to each individual relationship, such as a mother, father, mother’s brother, mother’s sister.

What is otherkin identity?

Many otherkin consider it a spiritual identity of sorts; their soul, or essence, or energy, isn’t human, or at least not completely. Some otherkin frame their identity in terms of psychology, that their mind is deeply connected to an archetype or level of consciousness that isn’t human.

Why do otherkin people have so many disorders?

Some otherkin may have multiple disorders that have nothing to do with their identification with other creatures, such as anxiety, social phobias, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, among others. Finally, note that adopting an identity outside their own could be a way to defend themselves against social pressures.

What is an example of an otherkin?

Description. Otherkin largely identify as mythical creatures, with others identifying as creatures from fantasy or popular culture. Examples include: angels, demons, dragons, elves, fairies, sprites, aliens, and cartoon characters. Many otherkin believe in the existence of a multitude of parallel universes,…

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What is the origin of otherkins?

The origin and exact definition of otherkins is somewhat nebulous. Some otherkins regard themselves as transspecies, others believe that their identity is genetic, a result of reincarnation, or feel that being otherkin is a religion.