What is the torque on a current carrying coil in a magnetic field?

What is the torque on a current carrying coil in a magnetic field?

Torque is defined as τ = rF sin θ, where F is the force, r is the distance from the pivot that the force is applied, and θ is the angle between r and F. As seen in Figure 2(a), right hand rule 1 gives the forces on the sides to be equal in magnitude and opposite in direction, so that the net force is again zero.

What is magnetic torque rods?

“Torque rods are electromagnets mounted on a spacecraft for attitude control. When a current passes through the torque rod, it produces a magnetic field that interacts with the Earth’s geomagnetic field, thus producing a torque on the spacecraft and changing its orientation.” (

Does torque depend on shape of coil?

The torque acting on it does not depend upon. It depends upon n, I, A, B and θ. But it does not depend upon the shape of the loop (reactangular, circular, triangular, etc.)

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How torque is produced in coil?

Since the current moves along the two opposite sides of the coil in opposite directions the two sides receive a force in opposite directions also, thus turning the coil. If the perpendicular to the coil is at an angle θ to the field direction, then the torque exerted on the coil is Fd where d = a sin q.

How do you find the torque of a magnetic field?

The torque on the dipole is τ = µ×B, where B is the external magnetic field. The magnitude of this torque is µB sinθ, where θ is the angle between B and µ (that’s just definition of cross-product).

What is a magnetic torque rod or Magnetorquer and what is it used for in a satellite?

Magnetorquers (also known as magnetic torquers or torque rods) are used in small satellites to provide attitude control – maintaining the satellite’s orientation with respect to an inertial frame.

How does a torque rod work?

The torque rod has a multi-functional role in truck, tractor and trailer suspensions. It controls driveline angles of the vehicle, restrains rotation of the axle housing while accelerating and braking, locates the axle and maintains alignment and absorbs leaning and cornering forces.

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How is the direction of magnetic torque determined?

The direction of magnetic torque is given by the RHR for cross-product, or you can just remember that the dipole always wants to line up with the magnitude field. The direction of magnetic torque will be such that will make µ align with B.

How does torque relate to magnetic field?

A magnetic field exerts a force on a straight wire carrying current; it exerts a torque on a loop of wire carrying current. Torque causes an object to spin around a fixed axis. A magnetic field exerts a torque which tries to align the normal vector of a loop of current with the magnetic field.

When the torque exerted on magnet placed in magnetic field would be maximum?

Torque is maximum if θ = 90 i.e. torque is maximum if the magnetic dipole is at right angles to applied magnetic field.

Why choose a torquer from anglezarm Technik AG?

ZARM Technik AG’s qualification and acceptance testing ensures that there is virtually no potential for degradation either on the ground or in-orbit. The torquer’s most critical component – its core material – has been specially heat-treated to ensure optimum magnetic properties.

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What is the magnetic moment strength of a magnetorquer?

Its operational temperature range is -40 °C to +80 °C and it has a typical dipole magnetic moment strength of 0.42 Am^2. Weighing just 7.5 grams and at only 3.2 millimetres thickness, the MT01 Compact Magnetorquer is a vacuum core magnetic coil designed for ADCS control.

What are the characteristics of a magnetorquer core?

The material of the core: typical magnetorquer cores are usually filled with air or made from ferromagnetic material. High permeability is favourable and the material should have large linear region. Length, cross-sectional area of coil and rod: these physical parameters should be chosen such that they obey the relevant power and mass constraints.

What materials are used to make a magnetorquer coil?

The material of the coil: this can be made from either copper or aluminium. Aluminium wires are lighter in weight whereas copper wires have lower resistance. The material of the core: typical magnetorquer cores are usually filled with air or made from ferromagnetic material.