Which is the highest paid job after 12th?

Which is the highest paid job after 12th?

High pay career options after 12th PCM are:

  • Physicist (10 lacs per year easily)
  • Game developer (6 to 10 lacs per annum)
  • Game tester (3 to 20 lacs per annum)
  • Scientist (2 lacs per annum)
  • Astronomer (8 to 10 lacs per annum)
  • Astrophysicist (5- 24 lacs per annum)
  • Graphic designer (2 to 7.5 lacs per annum)

What course should I do after 12th to earn good money?

Arts, Design & Media Courses

Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Fine Arts
B Des (Bachelor of Design) Fashion Technology Courses
Textile Design Courses Graphic Design Courses
Multimedia Courses Diploma in Digital Marketing
Photography Courses English Literature Courses

Which course has highest salary in world?

Petroleum Engineering. Average Salary: $102,300 to $176,300.

  • Actuarial Mathematics. Average Salary: $60,800 to $119,600.
  • Nuclear Engineering. Average Salary: $67,000 to $118,000.
  • Chemical Engineering.
  • Electronics and Communications Engineering.
  • Computer Science Engineer.
  • Aerospace Engineer.
  • Electrical Engineer.
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    What are the top 10 richest jobs?

    These are the 20 highest paying careers in the world:

    • Lawyer. Average Salary: $141,890.
    • Marketing Manager. Average Salary: $145,620.
    • Podiatrist. Average Salary: $148,470.
    • Petroleum Engineer. Average Salary: $154,780.
    • IT Manager. Average Salary: $142,530.
    • Airline Pilot & Co-Pilot.
    • Nurse Anesthesiologist.
    • Dentist.

    What can I do after 12th MPC?

    Courses after 12th MPC Group

    • 1 B.E. or B.
    • 2 Diploma in Engineering. They are technical Diploma programs.
    • 3 Merchant Navy courses. Merchant Navy is a very rewarding sector.
    • 4 B. Arch.
    • 5 B.Sc. courses.
    • 6 B Pharmacy. B Pharmacy stands for Bachelor of Pharmacy.
    • 7 BCA.
    • 8 CPL Training.

    What are the career options after 12th in Arts and Humanities?

    The stream Arts & Humanities contains a broad range of Career oriented courses after 12th in arts. This field has the right job and business-oriented courses. The movie, media, animation, cultural art, choreography, painting, photography, and cooking are some of the best options that a student can choose after class 12th.

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    What are the best subjects to study after 12th?

    Let us look at some of the most popular choices with students: Class 12th students usually study Physics and Chemistry with either Mathematics or Biology (Botany and Zoology). Some of the educational prospects that they can explore are: B.Sc.: It’s also called Bachelor of Science.

    What are the top 10 highest paid courses after 12th Science PCM?

    Top 10 High Paid Salary Courses after 12th Science (PCM) – BML Munjal University. 1 1. Medicine. There is a huge number of students who apply for the medical field each year in India. The nobility of the profession, earning potential, 2 2. Engineering. 3 3. BBA. 4 4. LLB (Bachelor of Law) 5 5. Bachelor in Statistics.

    What are the career opportunities for freshers in Railway after 12th?

    There are thousands of career opportunities for even, freshers. After 12th you can apply for the post of railway constable, railway clerk, lower division clerk etc. A good and satisfying salary package is given along with lots of monetary benefits.

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