Who will be Hokage if Naruto dies?

Who will be Hokage if Naruto dies?

Originally Answered: Naruto is dead. Who’s the next Hokage going to be? Kakashi will be back as Hokage for a while similar to how 3rd Hokage came back after retirement when 4th died.

What chapter does Naruto die in Boruto?

Boruto Chapter #54 proves it’s the perfect point to have Naruto die a hero and pass his Hokage mantle onto a redeemed Sasuke Uchiha.

Who killed Naruto in Boruto Kawaki?

As the duo prepare to do battle, Kawaki threatens Boruto with the line, “I’ll send you where I sent the Seventh Hokage.” At the time, most fans interpreted this as a death threat, and proof that Kawaki had killed Naruto.

Can Boruto become Hokage?

Boruto made it clear that he never wants to be Hokage. In fact, he resents that for so much of his childhood, his father focused on the village instead of him.

What if Naruto dies in Boruto?

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If Naruto dies in the Boruto series — as the manga’s foreshadowing — there’s one key ninja he grew up with who should become Konoha’s Hokage.

What chapter does Isshiki appear in Boruto?

” Prepared ” ( 覚悟, Kakugo) is chapter 49 of the Boruto manga. Konoha civilians notice Isshiki floating above them. Shinobi inform them of an emergency alert and issue evacuation orders. Isshiki looks for Kawaki with his Byakugan. Via Ino, Shikamaru warns all the shinobi that only Naruto and Sasuke are to engage Isshiki in combat.

Why does Kakashi leave Yamato in charge of Naruto?

Because he can be of no further assistance to Naruto, Kakashi leaves Yamato in charge of watching over him. Kakashi, meanwhile, volunteers to help Team 10 avenge Asuma; Shikamaru Nara , having previously come up with a plan, modifies it to take Kakashi’s presence into consideration.

What does Sasuke confess to Boruto?

Sasuke confesses to Boruto that he and Naruto barely made any damage to Jigen before. He explains that Sarada told him what happened during the fight against Boro, and having heard Amado’s explanation, Boruto knows it was Momoshiki who defeated him.

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