Why is Instagram sending my security code to the wrong email?

Why is Instagram sending my security code to the wrong email?

If you’re receiving a password reset email for the wrong account, it’s likely that the account you’re trying to log into was registered with a different email address. To regain access to the right account, try any additional email addresses you may have used.

How do I change my verification email for Instagram?

How to change the email on the Instagram App?

  1. Go to your Instagram profile and tap the “Edit profile.”
  2. Your email address will show up below the “private information.”
  3. Make sure the email address is correct.
  4. Tap on it to edit the email address.
  5. Tap “Done” to complete the process.

Why can’t I receive a confirmation code from Instagram?

If you don’t receive the code, make sure that you check your spam folder; after verifying it’s not in your spam folder, ask them to send the code again if you still don’t have it. In addition, confirm that you typed in the email correctly, as you won’t receive the code if there’s an input error.

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Why am I not getting the 6 digit code from Instagram?

Sometimes it happens that you mistype the email address. So, make sure that you have typed your email address very carefully. In case if you had mistyped your email address when you first signed up, you should have a phone number or a Facebook account linked with your account. Otherwise, you won’t be able to continue.

What is my Instagram security code?

Tap or your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile. Tap in the top right, then tap Settings. Tap Security, then tap Two-Factor Authentication. Tap Backup Codes, then tap Get New Codes.

What do you do if you don’t have your email for Instagram?

If you don’t have either your email address or phone number, but your Instagram account is linked to a Facebook account, you can tap “Log In with Facebook” to access your Instagram account through your linked Facebook account.

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Why can’t I receive emails from Instagram?

It may also be possible that you mistyped your email when you first signed up for Instagram. To find your password reset email, try: Checking the spam filter on your email account. Getting in touch with your email service provider to make sure you’re able to get emails from the @instagram.com domain.

What do I do if Instagram wont send my security code?

If you don’t receive the code, try the following solutions.

  1. Check the phone number in the Instagram setting*
  2. Switch off and on your phone.
  3. Wait for a couple of hours and try again.
  4. Try using VPN.
  5. Try another verification code such as email.
  6. Change the phone number on the Instagram setting.

Why can’t I receive security code from Instagram?

How to fix Instagram security code not receiving issue?

In case Instagram sees a new IP, then you might also end up not receiving the security code properly, since there can be a mess-up. Ways to fix the issue when you don’t receive the security code to email? There are a multitude of different options to consider here. First, you want to check the Spam folder, as the code might already be there.

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What happens when you type the wrong email on Instagram?

When you type the wrong email, Instagram will send you the code but since the email does not exist it will bounce back, or if someone owns that email you mistyped, they’ll receive the code, not you, and hence the first step is to recheck your email.

Why is my Instagram not responding to my phone?

It very common for many users to have issues with Instagram involving loosing their account as they forgot their password, got locked out by someone who took over their account (Got hacked) or you requested a security code by SMS to reset password but it not being revived by your phone for some strange reason.

What does it mean when Instagram says your IP is blocked?

It means your IP address has been blocked, and most of the times you won’t receive a notice from Instagram. When Instagram detects you’re using proxies you’ll not be able to receive the security code to verify the account. This means such proxy is blocked from accessing their services.