Can a katana beat a gun?

Can a katana beat a gun?

Never. A gun is infinitely better than a sword.

Are swords better than guns?

Swords are much more elegant and practical within its range, however they require much more training. Guns are less effective at close range, but at any range beyond the effective range of the sword, the gun immediately proves itself to be superior.

Why are swords cooler than guns?

There’s lots of guns in movies that appear cool. But, despite these fine examples, I still, deep down, think swords are cooler than guns. It’s because swords are an elegant weapon that take skill and a great deal of dexterity to wield effectively. Anyone can turn a gun into a deadly weapon – simply pull the trigger.

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Can a sword cut a rock?

In most cases, the sword may be destroyed and will shatter into tiny pieces, and this may injure you and those around you. Some others claim that the sword may successfully break off parts of the rock but could never cut through. Modern technology hasn’t been able to make a breakthrough in this aspect.

Are knives better than swords?

The rounded edge of a sword (similar to that of an axe) makes it more durable while slashing at hard objects. Since knives aren’t used with as much force, they can afford to have a significantly sharper edge than swords.

Is a bayonet a good weapon?

Compared to just a knife, a bayonet is very useful. It provides a significant reach advantage (less so than in times past given the shift to smaller carbines). In general, a bayonet is a useful tool for digging, prying, and cutting things open, but sees very little use as a weapon. It’s obsolete in modern warfare.

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What are the best weapons for hand to hand combat?

Axes, swords, polearms, fists, and, in Mount&Blade: Warband, some throwing weapons, can be used in hand-to-hand combat. Weapons such as the shorter axes are more effective against shields and more capable in close quarters, where as a polearm is (often) near useless in close combat.

How long is a bayonet?

Competing schools of thought competed, and sword bayonets became known in competition to the more pointy type known. Sword types could be nine inches to a foot long, and mostly straight. A handle was provided for use unattached to the rifle as a literal sword too.

What was the purpose of the bayonet in medieval warfare?

The bayonet was also not just for merely thrusting over and over. Triangular bayonets could be used to slash and parry another’s attack, even “dull” edges would cut easily with reasonably applied force. Here, have an example.