Can Dooku and Ventress beat Sidious?

Can Dooku and Ventress beat Sidious?

They could challenge Sidious. But they would lose. Dooku and Ventress were without a doubt very strong. However Sidious was an absolute master of both lightsaber combat and Force powers.

Was Sidious afraid of Ventress?

He pursued and molded Anakin because of Skywalker’s powers in the Force but also because he had a mind acquiesced to servitude. Ventress’ own will was too strong, and that scared him. By not appreciating Ventress’ powers, Palpatine lost himself a powerful ally but gifted her the chance for a hero’s death.

Why did Palpatine allow Dooku to train Ventress?

He allowed it because they weren’t a threat to him, and he knew Dooku would be replaced by Anakin anyway. Ad Grievous can’t really be considered an apprentice, since he wasn’t force sensitive.

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Who kills Savage Opress?

Darth Sidious
Opress is impaled by the blades of his brother’s former master. The brothers’ rule of Mandalore attracted unwanted attention from Maul’s former Master, Darth Sidious, who saw their growing power and alliances as a threat to the dominance of his Sith Order. Sidious traveled to Mandalore to confront the two brothers.

Why did Palpatine fear Ventress?

Ventress had a connection to Oppress – she trained him. I think Palpatine wanted to take out Darth Maul by wiping out any other people connected to him. As for Ventress, she was also feared because of the potential she had within her.

Is asaaj Ventress a Sith or Jedi?

There are only two Sith, one master and one apprentice. One to embody the power and the other to crave it. This decree came from Darth Bane. In the case of Asaaj Ventress, she is a dark jedi/ Sith aspirant. Another term is that she is a dark side adept.

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Is Ventress Count Dooku’s apprentice?

Technically, Ventress is Count Dooku’s apprentice. However, Dooku was Palpatine’s apprentice at the time… A lot of this is covered in The Rule of Two entry on Wookieepedia. TL;DR – Palpatine considered it more like what you’d call “guidelines” than an actual rule, really.

How many Darksiders can Dooku have?

Dooku likely intended for Ventress to be his apprentice after he overthrew Palpatine, but she was never an official Sith. In fact, Palpatine ordered Dooku to kill her to prevent that from happening. There is no hard limit on the number of Darksiders that can exist at a given time.

Why did Dooku let Sidious have an apprentice?

Also, Dooku most likely thought that she was hidden from his master, but if Sidious, in his eyes, found it to his personal advantage to let Dooku have an apprentice there would be no reason for him to stop it.

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