Can EWS cut-off be more than general?

Can EWS cut-off be more than general?

“There are Supreme Court judgments that say that the cut-off for general cannot be lower than that of the reserved categories,” the official said. “But EWS is also a reserved category now, and there are no guidelines to say that EWS quota has to be higher or lower.”

Can EWS candidate take general seat?

You submitted EWS certificate. Now you secured 450 but the seats under EWS Category are filled but General Category seats are vacant. You will not be considered under EWS Category. Candidates belonging to General Category who have scored less than 450 will be given chance.

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Can EWS cutoff be higher than general Quora?

EWS 10\% seats will be filled only after 100, can be 99 or 98 or 0 but never greater than 100. Impossible. EWS offers NO AGE relaxation. EWS category cutoff will always be less than General.

Why EWS cut-off is high?

One of the key reasons was the high cutoff for the category and non-availability of EWS certificates due to the Covid pandemic. This year, too, the first cutoff for the category, declared on Friday By Delhi University, is just 0.50-0.75 percentage points less than the unreserved category.

Why EWS cut off is low Quora?

As for the question why cut offs are so low, it can be simply answered that the marks of candidates from EWS category or performance of candidates from that category is too low. Now why is it so? I think it’s because the criteria for being included in EWS are very restrictive. The amount of land that can be owned etc.

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What is General EWS rank?

According to your JEE MAIN 2021 percentile… Your expected marks will be approximately between 141-150. And your expected CMR Rank ranges between 9302-11678 which is really a good rank. and your EWS Rank ranges around 4000-5000. With this rank you can get some of average NITs and many good engineering colleges like.

What happens if the EWS category cut off exceeds the general cut-off?

If EWS (Economically Weaker Section) category cut-off exceeds the general category naturally the exiting candidates from the pool will have to compete with general category candidates. If not they have to compete among themselves.

What is the percentage of general category candidates eligible for EWS?

The percentage of general category candidates eligible for EWS is 98\% ( according to news agencies)…. But actual percentage of eligible candidates will be around 1\%… Because even if u r able to prove all above conditions…. The process of production of this certificate would need almost 2 months….

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What happens if a post is not filled up by EWS?

In case all posts in State Government reserved for EWS are not filled up by candidates belonging to the EWS category during the recruitment process due to a shortage of eligible candidates, the balance posts will be filled up from candidates of the unreserved category.

Is there any age relaxation for EWS in EWS?

EWS offers NO AGE relaxation. EWS category cutoff will always be less than General. General category is not reserved for general candidates, its open merit anyone from any category can get a seat here. I’ll give you an example which will validate my point.