Can Goku beat Steven Universe?

Can Goku beat Steven Universe?

Goku, at this moment, is stronger than any other character in Steven Universe: Period. Steven’s powers are mostly defensive, so Goku would drag the fight out for something interesting. But Goku would win no matter what. He wouldn’t even go to his Super Saiyan God or Blue state.

Can Goku beat Phil?

So yeah, Phil stomps 10/10. no way Goku is too powerful. even if Phil is the smartest character. he couldn’t trap him in anyway that Goku couldn’t force his way out of.

Can Cardcaptor Sakura beat Goku?

Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura could, in theory, beat Goku. Yes, she’s a 12-year-old girl. She’s not a God or military trained magical girl. However, Sakura’s Clow Cards grant her such vast manipulation of space and time that Goku would be on the defensive for their entire bout.

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What anime MC can beat Goku?

Saitama from One Punch Man No enemy was able to survive a single punch from him (an earnest punch). His abilities surpass human limits, and he can even defeat artificial beings which might suggest that he can beat Goku.

What is the relationship between Steven Universe and Goku?

As Steven Universe progresses, Steven develops his powers primarily in defensive forms. He always seeks to end a conflict before someone can be seriously injured. Steven’s pacifism and Goku’s competitive spirit help both of them reach out to others and find an emotional connection — a major factor for both franchises.

Can Goku obliterate the universe?

Can Goku obliterate the universe: No Goku has the power however he doesn’t have the additional output to actually destroy the entire universe (Or at least hasn’t shown of it), as you can’t really destroy the universe with a kamehameha, Destructo Disk lol.

What are the similarities between Dragon Ball and Steven Universe?

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Both Dragon Ball and Steven Universe find new ways for the characters to utilize their powers over the course of the story — although they typically manifest in different ways. Dragon Ball primarily uses energy blasts and beams, while the Gems of Steven Universe tend to centralize their power and skill into specific weapons.

What is Steven Steven Universe’s future transformation?

Steven Universe: Future has even gone so far as to introduce another skill similar to Goku’s famous Super Saiyan form. Both transformations are derived from strong emotion and change the color of the character’s aura.