Can Hampta pass be done without guide?

Can Hampta pass be done without guide?

Hampta Pass is not an easy trek. But it is definitely a popular one. If you are a seasoned trekker, who has done plenty high-altitude treks and have sufficient equipment and maps to mark the trail, then maybe you can attempt Hampta without any guide. But it is always suggested to take a guide along.

Can we trek without guide?

And if you’re trekking in its main season (June, July, August, September), you may not need a guide because you’ll see a lot of trekkers on the trail. But at any other time of the year, I would recommend taking a guide.

What do I need for a Hampta pass Trek?

Basics Gear

Back pack & rain cover (50 – 60 ltr) with comfortable shoulder straps
Head torch 1 Nos. (Hand torch would be an alternative)
Water bottle/Hydration pack 2 bottles of one litre each People who use hydration pack 1 hydration pack and 1 bottle of one liter
Snacks Energy bars, dry fruits, electral/ors
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When is the best time to do hampta Pass trek?

The best months to do Hampta pass trek are June and July is you love the snow as the biting cold weather can give you the ultimate chills. Experiencing snowfall at hampta pass in June with temperatures falling to almost -15 degrees is a treat for many.

Why hampta Pass trek in Manali?

Hampta Pass is a narrow pass between Lahaul Valley which has been used by shepherds since centuries to guide their cattle to high altitude pastures, when the cold desert of Lahaul-Spiti lays barren in winter. Hampta pass trek gives you a rare glimpse into this ancient route. All participants are expected to gather at Prini, in Manali.

What is the elevation of hamhampta pass?

Hampta Pass is at an elevation of 14,039 feet on the Pir Panjal range in the Himalayas, separating two contrasting and beautiful valleys of Kullu and Spiti.

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