Can I take leave in training period?

Can I take leave in training period?

(a) They will be entitled to get 45 days leaves during the entire training period. (b) Leaves to be calculated on pro-rata basis [ @ 1 casual leave per month & 2 leaves per month for studies & examinations ]. i) One casual leave can be availed for each month of training undergone.

How much cognizant pays during training?

The typical Cognizant Technology Solutions Trainee Engineer salary is ₹4,36,228 per year. Trainee Engineer salaries at Cognizant Technology Solutions can range from ₹3,70,765 – ₹4,88,851 per year.

Who qualifies for study leave?

This benefit is available to permanent employees who have been employed by the Company for at least one year and who undertake part-time studies in line with their career plan and approved for by the company. All study leave is granted on management’s discretion.

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What is study leave without pay?

Study Leave without Pay: Officers are granted Study Leave without Pay where the proposed courses of study are not contained in the approved Training Proposals of the MDA.

Does cognizant provide laptop?

Nice working in Cognizant Good work life balance. You will be provided a laptop , so you have a option to work from home.

How long is a study leave?

All study leave is granted on management’s discretion. The company will grant two days study leave per subject per annum with a maximum of no more than 10 days study leave in total per annum. Any additional leave required for study purposes will have to be taken as unpaid leave.

Can I leave cognizant after 2 months of training?

As Cognizant has no bond it won’t be a problem if you leave cognizant after training. But you have to serve a notice period of 2 months and during that time you have to be present in office everyday. Remote work went global.

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What is the leave policy at Cognizant?

As for as the leave policy in cognizant there are. Personal leave – 4 days / year. Vacation leave – 1 day / month. Sick leave – 0.5 day / month.

What is the difficulty level of Cognizant exit test?

Cognizant Training is one of toughest one to clear in Top 5 companies in India. It comprises of 3 to 4 exit tests ( Exit test in the sense, if you fail, you have to leave the company). Though cognizant put lot of associates of Testing specifics.

Can I apply for multiple positions at Cognizant?

At Cognizant, we believe each individual brings multiple strengths and talents that can make a difference to our customers. So, give yourself the flexibility to apply for multiple open positions that you feel you bring the qualifications to succeed at those positions. Can I apply for a position across multiple geographical locations? Yes, you can.