Can I take my parents to America?

Can I take my parents to America?

ONLY US citizens are allowed to bring their parents to the United States permanently. For those who are eligible to bring their parents to the US as a legal immigrant, there is a two-step process. First, USCIS must approve an immigrant visa petition that you file for your parent.

How long does it take for a US citizen to bring parents?

For immediate relatives (spouse, children and parents) of U.S. citizens, there is an unlimited number of immigrant visas and approval can be obtained in approximately 5 to 9 months.

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Can I fix my parents papers at 18?

Answer: If you are 18, then you cannot petition for your parents. US citizens must be 21 or older to file immigrant visa petitions for their parents.

What happens if you stay illegal in US?

If you stay unlawfully in the US for more than one year, you will be deemed inadmissible and barred from re-entry for 10 years. If you stay for over a year and have to be forcibly removed by immigration services, you can be barred from the country for life, with no chance of re-entry.

Do you have to take a test to become a US citizen?

As part of the naturalization process, applicants for U.S. citizenship must pass a two-part naturalization test. The second, a civics test, evaluates the applicant’s knowledge of U.S. history and government.

How can I bring my parents to USA with green card?

Bringing Parents to Live in the United States as Permanent Residents Bringing Parents to Live in the United States as Permanent Residents To petition for your parents (mother or father) to live in the United States as Green Card holders, you must be a U.S. citizen and at least 21 years old.

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Can my parents work in the United States while waiting for citizenship?

If your parents are now outside the United States, they will receive a passport stamp upon arrival in the United States. This stamp will prove that they are allowed to work in the United States until their Permanent Resident Card is received.

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