Can you get a major in French?

Can you get a major in French?

The major in French is a liberal arts major, designed for those who wish to study one of the world’s greatest and richest literatures in depth. Recent graduates have gone on to selective law schools and graduate programs in French and comparative literature.

Is French a hard class in high school?

French is relatively easy to learn but it does take some time and effort. As French is closely related to English, I have to agree with the Foreign Language Institute that says that French belongs to the easiest group of languages to learn for English speakers. Having so much common vocabulary helps a lot!

Can I take French in high school?

According to Forbes, more than 90 percent of high schools require students to take a foreign language. French and Spanish are the most commonly offered classes, and for many students, deciding between the two Romance languages can be difficult.

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What jobs can you get if you major in French?

Jobs for French majors

  • multinational firms.
  • international banks.
  • foreign service.
  • teaching in the United States and abroad.
  • translating and interpreting.
  • international news agencies.
  • airlines.

What jobs are for a French major?

Careers Paths

  • Banking and Finance.
  • Book Publishing Professional.
  • Curator.
  • Diplomat/ Attaché/ Foreign Service Officer.
  • Editor/ Proofreader.
  • English Instructor Abroad.
  • Film Director.
  • Foreign Exchange Trader.

Is it important to take French in high school?

First and foremost, learning French is the pleasure of learning a beautiful, rich, melodious language that is often called the language of love. French is also an analytical language that structures thought and develops critical thinking, which is a valuable skill for discussions and negotiations.

Is French worth taking in high school?

French. Because many international organizations use French, it is most valuable for students planning careers in diplomacy or international relations, as well as those who would like to work in or with Africa.

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How much do French majors make?

French language majors earn an average mid-career salary of $80,200 a year. Possible jobs with this major: Journalist, assistant buyer, translator, human resources manager, development director.

Is a degree in French useful?

A French degree is an excellent foundation to become a modern foreign languages teacher. If you earn a postgraduate teaching qualification such as a PGCE, you’ll be able to teach French in secondary schools, sixth form colleges, or primary schools as a specialist languages teacher.

What is the meaning of “I am taking a French class”?

Your class is not French itself: it’s a class about the French language. “French class” is an idiom in English. So translating word by word and saying: “une classe française” is a mistake. When you say ‘I’m taking a French class’, what you are really saying is that you are taking a class about the French language.

Is it correct to say “une classe française”?

So translating word by word and saying: “une classe française” is a mistake. When you say ‘I’m taking a French class’, what you are really saying is that you are taking a class about the French language. ‘I take a French class = I take a class of French language’ = je suis une classe DE FRANÇAIS.

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Should you learn French for college or a job?

Those who learn French simply for college credits or for a job, typically don’t do as well. Practicing everyday versus weekly, taking formal classes, and the quality of said classes all play a role. Think about this, somebody who spends an hour a day should learn more than a person who commits an hour a week.

Should I take an online French course for college credit?

If you fall into this category, taking an online French course for credit is probably your best option. I knew a girl who applied to Stanford University, an elite college that requires students take three years of foreign language in high school. Remember to review course requirements of the colleges you want to attend.