Can you prepare for CDS in 1 month?

Can you prepare for CDS in 1 month?

Its really very difficult but not impossible. You have only 10-12\% chances of clearing CDS exam in one month preparation.

How can I clear my CDS exam in one month?

Read formulas and theorems. Read grammar rules on last time. Last 2 days – Be confident and be yourself attempt questions in exam with patience but also manage time in meanwhile. There are negative marketing so be careful while attempting questions if you are not sure for any question then don’t attempt.

How many hours we have to study for CDS exam?

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Q: How long should I study for CDS exam? A: You should dedicate at least three to four hours daily to study. In the initial days of preparation, you should learn the basic concepts.

Can I crack CDS OTA in 2 months?

Note: To be very frank, clearing exam conducted by UPSC in 2 months of preparation is not that easy. But still, I have made this strategy which has a 50-60\% probability of clearing the overall cutoff marks. So, if you have 10-12 months of preparation time, focus on CDS exam detailed strategy.

Can we crack CDS in 3 months?

However, there is no doubt that candidates should cover full syllabus and CDS exam syllabus is too wide, but candidates should start their preparation before 2 to 3 months ago because it can be beneficial for candidates. This is the best way to prepare for CDS 2019 exam within 60 days.

Is 2 months enough for CDS preparation?

Two months roughly translate to nine weeks. We’ll use the week-wise division in this strategy. 2 weeks need to be given solely for preparing the concepts of Mathematics. During this time, the aspirant should study and make notes of concepts and formulae of geometry, arithmetic, and trigonometry.

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How to prepare for the CDS exam?

CDS Preparation tips – Regular exercise keeps you fit and fine with proper weight. Take a full checkup of your whole body to clear the doubt of any type of hidden disease so that you can cure it at the right time. Eat healthily and be focussed on exam preparation.

How can I clear CDs written exam in short period of time?

And when you aim to clear CDS written exam in short period of time, you end up reading shortcut material which will land you nowhere in this CDS preparation. So, its better to take some time in Good preparation for CDS GK, CDS Maths and CDS English paper so that you can clear CDS written exam with good marks.

Is CDS exam is not a cup of tea?

However CDS exam is not a cup of tea because it is giving you an officer rank so the level of preparation is also high. Get ready for this exam and tighten up your preparations and as you know CDS written exam consists of three papers for IMA and INA.

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How many questions are there in CDS exam English?

English question paper includes 120 questions of 100 marks with a time duration of 02 hours. Through this paper, the examiner tests your basic English skills in many ways and different types of Grammar and Vocabulary questions. Let’s check some great CDS Exam English preparation tips here. Check Complete CDS English Syllabus first.