Can you shower with a new septum piercing?

Can you shower with a new septum piercing?

The quick answer is yes, you can certainly bathe, shower, swim, etc., with a newly pierced septum.

Can you get your septum piercing wet?

Submerging the piercing in water You should avoid submerging your septum piercing in water.

Can I get my new nose piercing wet?

Don’t soak your piercing in any water (other than saline solution) until it’s fully healed. This means you should stay away from swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas, and baths during the healing period.

Can I wash my septum with soap?

Avoid putting soap, alcohol, creams, oils or other ointments directly onto your septum piercing to clean it, as harsh chemicals such as these can irritate it and dry the skin. It’s important that you clean your septum piercing twice a day using a saline solution.

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Can I take a shower with my nose piercing?

-Showering: Shower like you normally do, then the last thing you will do is clean your piercing. Lather up some mild non-antibacterial soap in your clean hands and gently wash your piercing. Then rinse with distilled water or shower, as mentioned above, to get rid of any salt crystals that might form when dry.

How do you clean a septum piercing in the shower?

Thompson recommends washing your septum piercing once a day, preferably in the shower, using soap (Thompson loves Dr. Bronners Pure Castile Liquid Soap, $13.49) and water for the outside of the piercing, and a saline solution for the inside portion of the septum piercing.

How do you wash your face with a new septum piercing?

Soap is drying, so when you wash your face, avoid the area around your septum piercing, including your upper lip. It’s okay if sudsy water washes over your septum piercing when you rinse your face or hair; it’s just better not to apply soap directly to your piercing.

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Can you take a shower with a piercing?

If possible, a shower is better than a bath at keeping your piercing clean, but if you need to take a bath, you can. Just take some precautions to help you avoid infections. Then, care for your piercing properly by cleaning it twice a day and disinfecting anything that comes in contact with it.

Can you hide a septum piercing?

You may not be willing people to know you have pierced your septum or your work may not be allowing that. This type of piercing is easy to hide. You can easily flip up theseptum piercing retainer inside your nose. Also you can chose a black septum retainer that is not easily noted when flipped up inside your nose. Can one remove the piercing?

Can I move my septum piercing after one month?

Moving the septum piercing jewelry or changing it within the first month can cause damage to the piercing which leads to delayed healing or cause septum piercing rejection or migration. You are supposed to give it enough time to heal before changing the jewelry.

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Do septum piercings smell?

The piercing does not necessarily stink when you take good care of it by washing it with warm water. It may produce some discharge around the piercing if it was done at a wrong sport by unexperienced piercer. Therefore ensure your septum is pierced by an experienced person. Is it possible to hide?