Can you use any battery for a trolling motor?

Can you use any battery for a trolling motor?

We suggest selecting a 12 volt deep cycle marine battery with at least a 110 amp hour rating, usually a group 27 size battery. Note: A starting battery is not suitable for use with an electric trolling motor. Starting batteries are rated in cold cranking amps (CCA).

Can a cranking battery be used for trolling motor?

You should NOT use a cranking battery to power your Minn Kota trolling motor; if your battery is rated in CCA (cold cranking amps) or MCA (marine cranking amps), it is not designed for use with your trolling motor and should be avoided.

What is the difference between a marine battery and a regular car battery?

Car batteries are designed to deliver concentrated bursts of power to crank over and start the engine. Marine batteries must not only have the starting power to crank over high compression engines but also provide the reserve capacity needed to run on board accessories.

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Do I need a separate battery for my trolling motor?

Keep the trolling motor completely separate from the starting battery. The starting battery should be able to run your electronics and maybe livewell on light use and always maintain plenty of cranking amps to easily start your motor. If it were me, my kids or my dad, I would install 2 batteries in the boat.

How long will a regular battery last on a trolling motor?

Almost 5 hours doesn’t seem too bad, but that is really a max runtime in ideal conditions. Reality is likely to be less. If the battery is old, damaged or not fully charged then you will not get the rated amp hours from it, reducing your runtime. Significant cold or hot weather will also reduce your runtime.

Can you use a dual purpose battery for a trolling motor?

A dual-purpose battery provides enough power to start the engine and turn it over, while also providing enough energy to keep your trolling motor running consistently. As the name implies, dual-purpose batteries can be used for both purposes.

What is the difference between deep-cycle and regular batteries?

Deep cycle batteries are different from regular batteries. Regular car batteries produce a shorter burst of electricity. Deep cycle batteries produce ongoing, lower yet consistent, levels of power. This electricity is enough to power a vehicle without a motor.

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Can you use a marine deep cycle battery in a car?

If the marine battery is a 12-volt battery, then you can use it for your car. This will enable it to be both a starter and a deep cycle battery. When looking at using a marine battery for your vehicle, the orientation of the terminals and any dimensions need to be the same as a regular car battery.

Can you run a trolling motor and outboard on the same battery?

Just connect a COMBINER 100 between the starting battery and the trolling battery. Whenever the outboard engine is running, the combiner will share the charging output with the trolling battery. When the engine is off, the trolling battery is separated from the starting battery and will not accidentally discharge it.

Does a trolling motor need 2 batteries?

Does a 24 volt trolling motor need 2 batteries? – Quora. You can run a 24 volt trolling motor with a single 24 volt battery. However, if you only have 12 volt batteries available to you, then yes, you’ll need to connect two 12 volt batteries in a series to power the 24 volt trolling motor.

What type of battery does a trolling motor need?

Battery Type. There are two specific types of deep-cycle 12-volt batteries recommended for use with trolling motors: Lead Acid Wet-Cell & AGM Batteries. Deep-cycle batteries are designed for discharging smaller amounts of current over a longer period of time and for more frequent recharging.

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What are the top 10 trolling motor batteries?

Voltxcell 100ah Lithium Battery 12v Solar Wind Marine Boat Deep Cycle 12 Volt Life.

  • Vmaxtanks QTY3 VMAX MR127 12V 100AH AGM Trolling Machine Battery.
  • Battle Born LiFePO4 Trolling Motor Battery.
  • Ionic Lithium Ion Deep Cycle Battery for Bass Boatsrolling Motors.
  • Banshee 12V 105Ah Replacement Deep Cycle Marine Battery for Boats.
  • What size battery do I need for my trolling motor?

    Experts recommend 5 pounds of thrust for every 200 pounds of a vessel’s gross weight. The most popular options are 12V, 24V and 36V trolling motor batteries. A 12V motor draws 60A consuming approximately 720W. If your boat is longer than 16 feet, you might want to upgrade to a 24V motor.

    How much does a trolling motor battery cost?

    How much does a trolling motor battery cost . The cost of a trolling battery varies depending on the brand. But the prices range from $64 to $120 . This range will help you buy the best sufficient trolling motor battery that does not affect your budget. Choose the deep cycle batteries to save money and get the best quality batteries .