Did Harry Potter ever reunite with the Dursleys?

Did Harry Potter ever reunite with the Dursleys?

Harry was supposedly on amicable terms with the Dursleys, claiming they were on his Christmas card list. Vernon and Petunia didn’t see much of their nephew, for obvious reasons. Dudley, on the other hand, reunited with Harry a few times so that their children could play together.

Did the Dursleys care about Harry?

Definitely!! She cared about Harry almost as much as she cared about Lily. Although she refrained from letting it be seen. It would have been really easy for the Dursleys to have sent Harry to an orphanage or something, had Petunia not cared about her sister’s son and kept him all through his childhood.

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Why does Harry keep going back to the Dursleys?

Harry had to return to Dursley’s every year before his seventeenth birthday because of an ancient charm that was placed on him by Dumbledore when he was bought to the Dursley’s doorstep. As long as he was in Petunia’s care, Voldemort couldn’t hurt him. She shared the blood with Lily and their blood became his refuge.

Did Dudley actually like Harry?

Dudley and Harry showed very little signs of friendship in their early years growing up. Dudley’s parents treated Harry terribly, and the spoilt cousin never intervened, encouraging them at many points because he received ‘cupboard love’ (that is, an insincere form of affection in return for something) from them.

Why did Harry have to stay with the Dursleys?

Why Harry must stay with the Dursleys. We finally get some explanation of this in ‘Order of the Phoenix’. Dumbledore placed a powerful charm on Harry when he was still a baby. Because his mother sacrificed herself to save him, the bond of blood became the strongest shield against Voldemort he could be given.

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When was the last time Harry Potter saw the Dursleys?

According to Pottermore, the last time Vernon and Petunia ever saw Harry was the day they left Privet Dr. in Deathly Hallows (See “15 times Harry Ruined the Dursleys’ Day #15). However, Harry did see Dudley again.

How did the Dursleys treat their son Dudley?

They treated their son, Dudley, far better by spoiling him and giving in to the boy’s constant demands. Hagrid eventually rescued Harry and revealed the truth about his magical ancestry. After Harry attended Hogwarts, the Dursleys were forced to accept Harry’s true identity.

Did Harry ever see Dudley ever see Harry again?

However, Harry did see Dudley again. Harry and Dudley ended on considerably better terms in Deathly Hallows with Dudley somewhat expressing gratitude and well wishes to Harry.