Did Squires clean armor?

Did Squires clean armor?

Armour had to be regularly cared for, and it was usually the duty of a knight’s squire to clean and polish it.

How was armor washed?

Cleaning armor is similar to cleaning anything metal: use a soapy rag to clean out the filth. How they did it and what they used might depend on the region and time period. Knights were too high-class to do the cleaning themselves, which is why Squires did the work.

What did squires do?

A squire was typically a young boy, training to become a knight. Boys served a knight as an attendant or shield carrier, doing simple but important tasks such as saddling a horse or caring for the knight’s weapons and armor. The squire would sometimes carry the knight’s flag into battle with his master.

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Did squires fight in battles?

Turning to the military circumstances first, squires as a rule did not fight in the front line of battle. They were supposed to remain at the back with the reserve horse(s) of their knight, and to have water handy or provide first aid as needed.

Did Knights armour rust?

Various sources (ex) state as one of the biggest advantages of non-metal armours, that they did not rust in the rain. However, a knight would have a squire to clean and oil his armour every evening.

What did Knights squires do?

What weapons did squires use?

Medieval squires usually donned the livery identified by its design and colour as associated with the knight they served. They further wore weapons such as swords and shields, in which they were thoroughly trained.

What are the duties of a squire in medieval times?

According to wikipedia, a normal squire daily job included: Carrying the knight’s armour, shield, sword, Holding any prisoners the knight takes, Rescuing the knight should the knight be taken prisoner, Ensuring an honorable burial of the knight in the event of his death,

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Did all knights have a squire under them?

But not all of them were knights. Each knight was leading so called Poczet, which counted not only at least one squire under his command, but also other “fighting servants”, who were providing support, guarding backs of the knights. More important knights could have Poczet counting even 30 horses.

What did medieval knights wear under their armor?

To discern them among other warriors, a Medieval knight wore plate armor from head to foot. Beneath the suit of armor was a Hauberk. This was a part of the armor composed of linked iron rings weighing around 20 pounds. They also wore a steel helmet. Sometimes, this featured a long nasal protector made of metal.

How did the Squires prepare for the wedding ceremony?

Before the ceremony, squires prepared by staying awake all night and praying. In the morning, the squire took a bath and dressed for the ceremony. Another squire assisted him to wear a full metal armor suit, and over the armor, he wore a white tunic. The squire’s family, friends, and other nobles were present in the celebration.

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