Do you prefer nylon or cotton underwear?

Do you prefer nylon or cotton underwear?

Nylon pantie ARE much more comfortable than boring men’s underwear!!! Nylon provides men with a change from their boring cotton underwear. Then there’s the sexy stimulation of knowing that they’re wearing WOMEN’S panties! Wow! But I don’t get the same charge out of wearing a guy’s underwear.

Do you wear any underwear at all?

There are some rather interesting underwear out there for men including the C string which is similar to the woman’s thong. Some men also prefer to not wear any underwear at all as they enjoy the ‘free’ feeling. This is sometimes called ‘going commando’ and of course saves money on buying underwear and also saves the hassle of washing them.

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Are men’s knickers bad for your health?

Men are not continuously secreting fluids in the same way women are, therefore wearing nylon and other such shiny pretty fabrics is not a health hazard. Of course, if you do a lot of physical labor in your day to day life, you may also find that sweat is trapped in your knickers if they are made of nylon and other related fabrics.

How to measure your body type for the right panty fit?

Determining your proper panty fit requires that you know two components: waist measurement and hip measurement. If possible, recruit someone to take your measurements. It’s faster and tends to be more accurate. Measure your waist by placing the tape measure around the natural indentation or break in your waist.

Do straight men wear women’s underwear?

Many men prefer to wear women’s underwear over traditional men’s underwear, even though it’s not a topic that’s frequently discussed publicly. You might be dumbfounded that women’s panties are becoming increasingly popular among straight men, not just among crossdressers and transgender women.

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Does wearing women’s lingerie affect a man’s body?

Exposure of the male manhood to such materials may cause shrinkage. Women’s lingerie is intended purely for women, and may induce menstruation in men who wear it. Donning a pair of panties can actually affect the male on a genetic level. Over time his Y chromosome may elongate, turning him into a woman on a genetic level.

What are the most popular panty styles for men?

Brief panties are one of the most popular panty styles for men because they provide the most all-around coverage. It covers the entirety of the buttocks. They typically have a snug fit and are very comfortable for everyday wear. Brief panties cover the male parts more than skimpier women’s panty cuts.