Does graduation subject matter in UPSC?

Does graduation subject matter in UPSC?

The minimum requirement for IAS is graduation. So if you opt for the subject you have studied in graduation, it means you must have studied that much already. The syllabus includes a little more than what you have studied in graduation and less than what you have studied in post graduation.

What is the role of graduation in UPSC?

The Graduation degree course is a very important milestone in student’s life. It can also help in the IAS Preparation in more than one way. It is not the stream per se but the approach of the candidates which increase the probability of the selection in the IAS Exam.

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Which subject is very important for UPSC?

The modern history is the most important section of the IAS prelims exam.

Should I prepare for UPSC during graduation?

Beginning IAS preparation during graduation period itself is a good move. Candidates who start their IAS exam preparation in college days will be more aware of the examination pattern and trends followed by UPSC, which will be more helpful in a later stage of their preparation.

Can I prepare for UPSC with graduation?

Please remember the eligibility criteria for UPSC Civil Service Exam (CSE) is 21 years and a graduation in any subject. You should also take note that final year students can apply for IAS Prelims.

Which subject should I choose for general studies for UPSC?

You could also take up philosophy in your graduation since it will help in GS Paper IV and also in the essay paper. Analyze the options before you and take up subjects that you can optimize for your general studies papers. Generally, humanities subjects have received good success in the UPSC exams. It is regarded as the home ground of the UPSC.

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How to prepare UPSC syllabus for graduation?

Choose History or Political Science in your Graduation. ( Because it is Static Subjects in UPSC ). So that, you can choose History or Political Science as your Optional Paper. When you complete your Graduation , 60 to 70 \% of UPSC Syllabus will be covered in your Graduation itself.

Is Humanities an optional subject in UPSC CSE?

Not only that, majority of these subjects, also figure in the Optional Subject List of UPSC. All of the following subjects which the Humanities stream offers are also available as optional subjects to be elected by students at the Mains stage of CSE:

Which is the best course for UPSC in college?

Now Let’s come to the question….. The most preferable Course for UPSC aspirant in College is BA (History, political science, geography, public administration, sociology) because it’s a key to success….. there are some reasons 1) Similar syllabus of UPSC which you studied in college.

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