Does the UN hire doctors to work in Syria?

Does the UN hire doctors to work in Syria?

The organizations made it clear that they do not trust the Syrian and Russian governments to honor the Geneva Conventions, but nonetheless opted to join the system after “lengthy consultations with, and full endorsement by, our teams inside Syria and doctors working in these hospitals,” according to the Syrian American …

Is there a military hospital in Damascus Syria?

Damascus Hospital (also known as Al Mujtahid Hospital) in Damascus is one of the largest hospitals in Syria. It was founded in 1947 and is run by the Ministry of Health. The hospital has facilities for MRI and CT scan, a gamma camera and lithotripsy device.

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How do I see a doctor in the US?

How to Schedule a Doctor’s Appointment in the US

  1. Know what plan you have. It might sound basic, but the very first step is to know what plan you have.
  2. Verify your coverage.
  3. Find a doctor.
  4. Schedule your appointment.
  5. Attend your appointment.
  6. File a claim.

Does the United Nations employ physicians to work under the who?

The United Nations has been aware of these scams for years, but there are always gullible victims who ignore the warnings, send their The United Nations does not employ physicians to work “under the WHO”. No genuine employee of the United Nations will ever contact you online for any reason.

Is the medical doctor of the UN a real doctor?

If the answer is yes, he’s not a real doctor. He’s a West African scammer trying to persuade lonely, gullible women to send him money. Originally Answered: How can I find out if a medical doctor of the UN is real and working under the WHO?

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Is there such a thing as an orthopedic surgeon dating site?

NO orthopediac surgeon will be on a dating site. Believe me I know as my “X” in reality IS a real orthopediac surgeon in California and all these men are all full of dunk. Do NOT believe one word they say as they are ALL scammers. Do NOT even chat on hangouts or WhatsApp because they will find your information and you will be sorry.

Does the United Nations ever contact you online for any reason?

No genuine employee of the United Nations will ever contact you online for any reason. The person who has contacted you online, and who claims to be a “UN doctor”, is really a smelly, flea-infested criminal typing messages from a filthy office somewhere in West Africa.