How can I enter my address in SSC?

How can I enter my address in SSC?

a. Permanent address: – Under this text box, Full mailing address is to be filled. Commas and spaces are not allowed to type here.

What is address without special characters?

This means that the system does not want you to enter any non-alpha numerics – such as commas, colons, hash(pound) signs or forward slashes that may be used in some address forms.

What is special character in address?

354 Special Characters

Special Characters
Double spaces/blanks change to single space or blank, except between state abbreviations and ZIP Codes or ZIP+4 Codes.
“ ” Quotations
: Colons
; Semicolons

What is valid permanent address?

Permanent address is the legal address of an individual where she/he is a registered resident with his/her name. Permanent address appears in government documents like voter id card, ration card, driving license, and passport. Many people, who stay away from home, use their parents’ house as their permanent address.

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How can I fill my SSC registration mark?

Any mark that is distinct or distinguishable will serve as your identification mark. For eg:- any birthmark on your body, moles or even stitches mark can be filled up as indentification mark. So find out watever mole,birthmark,or scar u have got and fill it out.

How can I add my permanent address in SSC registration?

Visit the official website of SSC. Click on the SSC CGL registration link. Fill all the required details in SSC CGL registration form such as name, father’s name, mother’s name, gender, date of birth, category, permanent address, etc. Click on the Submit button.

What characters are allowed in an address?

Valid characters are uppercase letters (A-Z), lowercase letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), period (.), apostrophe (‘), dash (-), number (#), at (@), percent (\%), ampersand (&), slash (/), and spaces. No other characters are allowed. Do not put names, c/o, or attentions in this line.

How many characters is an address?

Most common US mailing addresses fall within the character limits of an address label used for mailing across delivery services. UPS offers up to 30 characters for address lines 1 and 2, FedEx offers up to 35 characters, and the USPS goes up to a whopping 46 characters.

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How do you fill in identification marks?

look at yourself in a mirror… find marks that can be used to describe your identity… like a mole on the nose or near the left eye or a blade mark on the left cheek or a cut mark on the chin or a mole mark on the left arm or a wound mark on the right hand wrist…etc. find two such marks in your body..and fill it there..

What is identification mark in SSC registration?

Column 8 – VISIBLE IDENTIFICATION MARK: Any visible identification mark (e.g. a black mole on. left side of face / a cut mark above right eye) of the candidate is to be written. 12. Column 9 – E-MAIL: E-mail ID of the candidate should be written in block capital letters for e-mail. correspondence with the candidate.

How can I change or correct the details entered in SSC?

How can I change or correct the details entered in the SSC application form after a successful submission? No change can be made at this stage in the application form. However, if the time is still left for filing up the online application form, the applicant can resubmit corrected application with the prescribed fee.

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Can I change my email and mobile number in SSC application form?

Since after filling the application form SSC does not provide any provision to change any details in the Application form. As you have done a mistake in the application form.. **So its better to fill another form and try with with some other email id and mobile number..

What if I made a mistake during SSC portal registration period?

Hello sir, I do a mistake during ssc portal registration period that’s I have fill the detail of +2 in place of matriculation. Hello Gulshan, don’t worry if you have made a mistake in the basic details (matriculation) of the SSC registration. There is a notice regarding the same on the official website for SSC CHSL 2018.

How to fill SSC form 2016?

From 2016 ssc has changed or rather updated the way one fills a form. Now one has to register as part 1 with essential details which will be saved and used henceforth in all ssc related exams. Earlier candidates used to fill multiple forms by making a small mistake in spelling of name or surname and appear in the examination at multiple shifts.