How can I improve my puzzle for bank exam skills?

How can I improve my puzzle for bank exam skills?

How to solve Reasoning Puzzles Quickly

  1. Know your enemy – or in this case, the common puzzle structure. Seating arrangements with Banks/Colour/Fruit/Language/State/car models etc.
  2. Every battle has a plan – so should you!
  3. Read once, start drawing –
  4. Keep reading and arranging –
  5. Use tables.
  6. Indirect clues.

How can I master puzzle for bank po?

Tips to Ace the Puzzles in Reasoning

  1. Know its Importance.
  2. Draw to help Visualize.
  3. Learn all the Terms.
  4. Read the Information Carefully.
  5. List out all the Possibilities.
  6. Refer Previous Year Papers.
  7. Don’t Stop Practicing.

How can I increase my speed in puzzles Quora?

You should start solving daily atleast 3–5 puzzle a day so that till the exam atleast you will solve more than 100 .. purchase mock test appear the puzzle and set a timer for it. The more you solve will help you to clear your basics and gradually it will increase your speed.

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How can I master reasoning for bank exams?

Tips & Exam Strategy for Reasoning

  1. Try to score good marks while practicing mock tests, so that you can at least clear the cut-offs.
  2. Work on your weak areas after practice.
  3. Always solve the easier questions first so as to fetch you good marks.

How can I improve my reasoning speed?

Increase Speed in Reasoning in following Topics

  1. Invest some seconds over a question and analyze the given information carefully.
  2. Information management, flexibility in approach and innovative and flexible thinking is must to crack the reasoning section.
  3. Solve previous year’s papers with patience and awareness.

How A * algorithm solves the 8 puzzle problem?

In our example N = 8. The puzzle is divided into sqrt(N+1) rows and sqrt(N+1) columns. Start and Goal configurations (also called state) of the puzzle are provided. The puzzle can be solved by moving the tiles one by one in the single empty space and thus achieving the Goal configuration.

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How can I improve my speed in solving puzzles?

In reasoning, puzzles and seating arrangements are tricky topics. We have provided you the IBPS / SBI reasoning puzzles pdf for reasoning practice. With more practice, your mind will get sharpened. As a result, your speed in solving puzzles will enhance automatically. so work more on a high-level puzzle and seating arrangement pdf.

What is puzzle in SBI PO exam?

In all major banking exams such as IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS SO, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, SBI SO, candidates would find several questions based on puzzles. Puzzles are nothing but a paragraph containing information for solving the question.

How to solve jigsaw puzzles with accuracy?

A very successful way to solve puzzles with accuracy is to make 2-3 possibilities and keep canceling them out as you proceed. Here candidates can make two or three parallel tables or diagrams and put the information in all possible ways. Once you proceed, you will be able to cancel the possibilities and will reach the final destination.

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How can I attempt a puzzle like this?

If you want to attempt it, start reading it from the beginning again. Draw the skeleton of the puzzle and put all the available information. Try to give it a basic structure and try with the information to fill the blanks.