How can I pass B Tech backlogs?

How can I pass B Tech backlogs?

Start two subjects at a time, 1st half of the day one subject, other half next subject. By following a planned schedule you will not just clear your backlogs, you will master the subjects. All the best. BTW text me for BTech ECE tuitions .

How do you study for backlogs?

How to Clear Backlogs like a Pro!

  1. Focus On What’s Currently Going On In Class.
  2. Divide Your Days & Make a Schedule.
  3. Patience Is The Key, Trust The Process to Prepare for JEE.
  4. Avoid Group Studies During Your JEE Preparation.
  5. Divide Topics into Categories.
  6. Make Short Notes While Studying Theories.

How do I complete backlog in online classes?

Divide and Conquer – Divide your days perfectly. Devote 2–3 hours each day to complete your backlog. Rest of the time should be exclusively reserved for present homework. Don’t be in a hurry now – Don’t think that you can complete your “huge” backlog within a month.

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How to clear backlogs in BTech?

The only way to Clear backlogs in is to study hard…If there is an option for special exam…then study hard…Each subject requires 2 days of sincere efforts to get the pass mark… Re: How to clear Backlogs in B.Tech? You must clear your backlogs in second year. Re: How to clear Backlogs in B.Tech?

How do I study with a backlog of subjects?

What i would suggest is, get a hold of the previous years’ question papers ( you would have to talk to every faculty possible, who teach the subjects you have backlog in). Do smart study, you don’t need to study everything, because during the summer supplementary exams the questions are usually repeated.

How to clear backlogs in board exams in first attempt?

Set your goal that you want to clear the backlog in the first attempt. Check out the syllabus of that subject. Divide the Syllabus on that basis of marks weightage. Prepare the chapter which has high marks weightage. These chapters will help you to clear backlogs. Check out the previous year exams.

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How do I clear backlogs in the NEET exam?

To clear backlogs paper study more & more topics related to your subject. Prefer last semester question papers and prepare your self for the exam according to that. If there is any numerical paper, then you will join any coaching institute or consult to the faculty. Or you can take help from your lecturers regarding your backlog papers.