How can I save money while building a house in India?

How can I save money while building a house in India?

How to Reduce Construction Cost In India

  1. Selection of Plot. Plot Area.
  2. Conduct Soil Test. Soil Penetration Test.
  3. Confirm Electrical and Water Supply in Area.
  4. Choosing Construction Materials.
  5. Prepare Structural Drawings.
  6. Saving in Finishing Materials:
  7. Do not Make Change After Construction Starts.
  8. Go for Pre-facbrication Work.

Why do we need low cost housing in India?

To combat the challenges of urbanisation Moreover, home loans mainly cater to the more financially robust section of the population. As such, there is a need for the government to push affordable home loans in India and create other opportunities to house the growing migrant population from rural to urban areas.

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How can we create low cost housing in India?

The fact is that Low cost housing is done by proper management of resources. Reducing cost of structure is also achieved by postponing finishing works or implementing them in phases. Seeing the past constructions one can see the use of natural materials like straw, bamboo, fibers (jute, coir), earth etc. as an old practice in India.

How to construct a low cost and genuine home?

Here are some of the tips for constructing a low cost and genuine housing construction: Plan before you leap. Look for a plot that is available at a low cost. Find a reputed contractor and a civil engineer. Find a reputed supplier and buy low-maintenance building materials.

How can low cost housing construction be achieved?

Low cost housing construction is possible with the use of low cost building materials and planning. Techniques for low cost housing construction with its speedy construction is discussed in this article.

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What are some emulatable models for building houses in India?

Shiporex Constructions Project or Prefabricated Houses assmbled in situ in MIddle East , and later done in Pune was another emulatable model. NICMAR has also been developing some models. You could go through these and tentatively form a plan.