How do I complain about a driver in Bangalore?

How do I complain about a driver in Bangalore?

1. Complaints can be lodged directly to the Bangalore Traffic Police on

  1. Complaints can be lodged directly to the Bangalore Traffic Police on.
  3. 080-25588444(IVRS facility)
  4. 080-25588555(IVRS facility)
  5. 080-22943381(for up to 6pm)
  6. Or write to,
  7. Address:
  8. The Automation Enforcement Centre.

How much does an auto rickshaw driver earn in Bangalore?

According to the study, a typical driver in Bangalore earns Rs 5,000 to 9000 per month. If he rents his vehicle he saves Rs 300 savings per day, if he owns the auto he saves Rs 500. 90 per cent live in rented houses paying and pay between Rs 2000 to 5000 as rent.

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How can I complain to police online Bangalore?

  1. Log on to the website
  2. Click on Online Complaints.
  3. Select Know your Complaint Status.
  4. Status of the Complaint can be seen online.
  5. Contact level officers details will be updated next to the Complaint.

How much do auto drivers make in India?

₹1,36,195 (INR)/yr.

How can I make a noise complaint to police in Bangalore?

Go to the respective police department to file the complaint. Ask them to give you the concerned forms to file this complaint. 3. Provide the source of the noise, the person responsible and what time of day the noise occurs.

Who is Kamal Pant?

The current incumbent is Kamal Pant, who has held office since 1 August 2020….Police Commissioner of Bangalore.

Commissioner of Police, Bangalore City
Incumbent Kamal Pant since 1 August 2020
Residence Bangalore
Appointer Government of Karnataka
Inaugural holder C. Chandy

What is the auto fare in Bangalore?

The basic fare increased to Rs 30, thereafter, Rs 15 will be charged for every km. After eight years, the minimum auto fares are set to be hiked to Rs 30 from Rs 25 for the first 2 kilometres in Bengaluru, Karnataka, from December 1, 2021. From thereon, the journey will cost Rs 15 per km.

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How to file a complaint against overcharging auto drivers in Bangalore?

The Bangalore Traffic Police has instituted a number of methods in which complaints can be made against errant auto drivers who overcharge or refuse hire. 24 x 7 Helpline: The numbers than can be called are 080-22868444 and 080-22868550. Do note down the vehicle registration number, so that a complaint can be registered.

Is it safe to commute by auto in Bangalore?

While we do hope that citizens of Bangalore are not inconvenienced trying to commute by auto, there are a number of precautions one can take to be better safe, than sorry. Take an auto with the new meter. Check if the auto driver seems polite at first sight. Avoid getting into autos which seem run-down.

Can you negotiate with auto rickshaws?

For those citizens using auto rickshaws for regular commute in the city, negotiating with auto drivers is no small feat. Especially if one is staying in an area that does not see too much traffic or is remote, haggling about fares, or flagging down a number of autos, before getting one that agrees to go, is a common occurrence.

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Why auto rickshaws in Bangalore are on the rise?

Auto Rickshaws in the city have once again come into the limelight with the recent Auto Raid that was conducted by the Bangalore Traffic Police (BTP). On June 30th, over 700 members of the BTP, dressed in plainclothes, embarked on an operation to track down auto drivers who were not doing their due diligence to society.