How do I delete a session in SM04?

How do I delete a session in SM04?

Hi, You can go to SM04. Find out the particular User whose session you want to delete. Doubl click on the User and select the session you want to delete. and say delete .

How do you kill a user session in SAP?

You can ‘kill’ or terminate your own long running jobs by doing the following.

  1. Open a new SAP session.
  2. In the new session, from the SAP R/3 screen, follow. the menu path: Tools > Administration.
  3. Find your username in the list and click on it.
  4. Click on the Sessions button .
  5. Click on the End session button.

How do I delete a user in SAP?

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  1. In the Systems view, choose Security Users. and open the user that you want to deactivate.
  2. From the editor toolbar, choose (Deactivate User…)

How do I view sessions in SAP?

or by calling transaction SM04 . The server name is displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the screen.

How do you close all sessions in SAP?

The screen will show you the user who login from all SAP client. You can sort from the client list. Choose the user session that you wish to delete and double click until a confirmation screen appears. Click End Session to terminate user session.

How do you unlock a session in SAP?

Unlock User in SAP System

  1. Log in to the system e.g. using “SAP*” or “DDIC”, when you are on Trial system.
  2. Go to transaction “SU01“
  3. In “User” field, type in your locked ID.
  4. Hit “Lock/Unlock” button or use shortcut CTRL+F5.
  5. In popup window, hit “Unlock” button.
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How do I use SM04 in SAP?

SM04 is a transaction code used for User List in SAP. It comes under the package STSK….Transaction SM04 technical data table.

Tcode SM04
Module BC
Component BC-CST
SAP Package STSK
Program running RSM04000_ALV_NEW

How do I delete a user in SAP GUI?

Vivek Goud. Enter the user name you want to deactivate. Change the password,Change the Valid date as today’s date on Logon Data. Delete all the roles and Profiles.

How do I delete my SAP account?


  1. In the SAP Cloud Appliance Library, choose Accounts to display the list of accounts.
  2. Choose Delete for the account you want to delete from SAP Cloud Appliance Library. The system opens the Delete Account dialog box. Caution.
  3. Choose OK to delete the account. Note.

How do I see active sessions in Hana?


  1. To LIST some selected session informations ;
  2. Show all RUNNING sessions;
  3. Generate “CANCEL SESSION” syntax from HANA system;
  4. Generate “DISCONNECT SESSION” syntax from HANA system;
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How do you end a user session in SAP b1?

How do you delete a user lock in SAP?

If you want to delete an individual lock entry, position your cursor on the entry and choose Lock entry Delete . By choosing Lock entry Delete all , you can delete all the lock entries at once.