How do I talk to my child about drinking?

How do I talk to my child about drinking?

Talking about underage drinking

  1. Ask your teen’s views. Find out what your teen thinks about alcohol.
  2. Debunk myths. Teens often think that drinking makes them popular or happy.
  3. Discuss reasons not to drink.
  4. Plan ways to handle peer pressure.
  5. Be prepared for questions.

What parents should know about alcohol?

Whether you are alarmed by that statistic or feel reassured that it’s “only alcohol,” all parents should remember that alcohol is harmful. Drinking alcohol during the teen years can affect your child’s growth and development. With heavier drinking, irreversible changes to the brain have even been shown to occur.

What are some abusive effects of alcohol on a child’s body?

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The Bottom Line Alcohol depresses the central nervous system and causes low blood glucose (sugar). Children who drink alcohol can have seizures and coma; they could even die. This is true of beverage alcohol (beer, wine, liquor) and alcohol found in mouthwash and other personal care products.

How can I help my son stop drinking?

Want to stop your children from drinking alcohol?

  1. Make clear and fixed guidelines. First and foremost, it is important to set clear guidelines on when and where your child can drink.
  2. Know what you want.
  3. Set a common alcohol culture in school.
  4. Have a parent present.
  5. Teach your child to oppose their peers.

What do you say to an underage drinker?

Address issues calmly and directly

  • Communicate clear expectations. Be clear and direct.
  • Discuss, and agree upon, consequences.
  • Help your child understand the legal implications.
  • Explain why drinking is very different for a teenager than for an adult.
  • Keep an eye on how your child is coping.
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How do I talk to my son about drinking too much?

Get the tone right: Try to make it a conversation, rather than a lecture, and avoid sounding like you’re accusing them. Stay calm and keep it respectful. Ask questions: Let them talk. Ask them how alcohol makes them feel, and whether they think they have a problem.

Why is my son drinking so much?

It’s normal for babies and children, especially toddlers, to drink a lot and pass lots of urine (wee). This is called habitual drinking. But excessive thirst and increased urination in babies, children and teenagers can be a sign of diabetes mellitus or diabetes insipidus.