How do they take out K-wires?

How do they take out K-wires?

The K-wires stick out of the skin so that they can be easily removed once the bone has healed. They are covered with a dressing and a plaster cast and you / the patient will not be able to see them; alternatively they may be exposed out of the toe or finger.

How are K-wires removed from finger?

This involves holding broken bone fragments together using small, sharp wires passed through the skin into the bones using x-ray control. The bones are first pulled into the right position (manipulation under anaesthesia). The wires are cut off outside the finger and bent over so they don’t catch too much.

How long does it take to remove K wire?

The K-wires are often left sticking out of the skin, but they will be covered by a dressing or by a plaster. The K-wires will usually be removed between 3-6 weeks after the operation.

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Are K-wires always removed?

Most often, K-wires are removed sometime after the bone has healed sufficiently. There are exceptions if the wire is buried deep inside a bone, but the majority of the pins are removed once healing is complete (or at least to a point where the broken bone is stable).

Can K wires break?

Intraoperative K-wire breakage has a reported rate of 0.1\%. In our case, there was no obvious cause of breakage and the patient denied postoperative trauma. On the other hand, pin site infections are much more common with reported rates of up to 7\% in the hand or wrist.

How long do K wires hurt?

The K wires are generally left in place for an average of 2 to 3 weeks. When the fracture is not tender to firm palpation between a thumb and index finger, the K wires can usually be removed; this is a clinically healed fracture.

Can K wires be left in?

K-wires can be buried and left in situ until union or they can be left unburied and require removal after four weeks, with plaster immobilisation until union. There is no consensus as to whether wire burial is preferable or not.

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What happens after pins are removed from hand?

Once all the pins are removed, the staff will apply a bandage and wrap. Your child will get another splint or cast if needed. If there is a splint, it may be removable. If it is, follow the staff’s instructions.