How do you become leader of the dead clan in clash of clans?

How do you become leader of the dead clan in clash of clans?

no you can’t become a co leader in a dead clan where no co leader or even leader is active. The only source to become co leader is current co leaders or leader of the clan not even the members can promote you.

Can there be two leaders in clash of clans?

Originally Answered: How do I make two leaders in a clan on Clash of Clans? There can only be one leader in a clan. You can, however, make someone a ‘co-leader’, a position the has all the powers that a leader has, such as starting wars. A co-leader, however, cannot demote or kick out a leader/co-leader.

How do you become a clan leader?

Clan Leadership 101

  1. Define a clear purpose and pass it along to your fellow clan members.
  2. Get to know and understand your clan and its makeup.
  3. Listen to your clan members.
  4. Delegate authority.
  5. Have a good time.
  6. Make sure everybody else is also having a good time.
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Can Co-Leader kick co leader in Clash of Clans?

As a leader, you can promote members to co-leader, or demote co-leaders back to member. Clan members can always be kicked, however, to kick a co-leader, the co-leader must first be demoted to member by the Clan leader before the option to kick is given.

Can co-Leaders Kick leaders?

The short answer is, you can’t. Only leader can derank himself down, not even a co-leader can kick the leader. The leader has the most power in terms of kicking. If anything the only way to get the person out is by having everybody in the clan tell him to leave or just make your own clan without the leader.

Can Elder start clan wars?

Promote and demote clan Elders. Promote new Co-Leaders. Kick out clan Members and Elders. Can start a Clan War and decide who participate in it.

What happens to a clan if everyone leaves?

Sometimes leaving your clan is the hardest decision. If there are no Clan members left when you leave your Clan, the Clan will be deleted. Otherwise, the new Clan Owner will be the official with oldest account creation date. If there are no officials, then the same rule will apply to members.

How do I promote my clan?

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Only the Clan leader or a co-leader are able to manage Clan members. To do so, navigate to your clan’s page, then tap Clan Members. Then, you can browse through your Clan members and tap the player profile of the member you wish to promote, demote, or kick.

Will I get war loot if I leave clan?

Even if you have left the clan before the war ended, you can still receive the War Bonus if you had successfully attacked at least one base in the Clan War. Any spectators, however, will not receive any War Bonus whatsoever.

Can a co-leader kick a co-leader?

Can I hack COC?

Understand that it is impossible to hack Clash of Clans. Even if it were possible, hacking Clash of Clans (or any online game, for that matter) would be highly illegal. Since Clash of Clans resources can be purchased with real money, hacking would amount to theft, which can result in severe fines or imprisonment.

Can co Leaders Kick leaders?

What can a co-leader do?

Co-leaders can: Send messages to the whole clan. Remember, there is a 1 hour cool-down period until you can write a message again. Can start a Clan War and decide who participate in it. The Leader of the clan has the most responsibility and can make the most decisions. Leaders can: Demote themselves as Leader and give leadership to a Co-leader.

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How do I rotate leadership in my clan?

The Leader has logged in to the game during the rotation process. The rotation process is still ongoing. There are no Elders or Co-Leaders who can be promoted to Leader. Support cannot rotate leadership on request. If rotation can’t happen in your Clan, your best option is to find or create a new Clan.

Can a co-leader demote the leader and promote himself to leader?

No, it is impossible for a co-leader to demote leader and promote himself to leader, it is obvious because leader only should have power to make any other person leader. And if are afraid that a co-leader will demote you (assuming that you are leader), do not worry, they will not demote you, they might leave your clan due to your inactiveness.

How do you get promotions in clannclan?

Clan members will work towards promotions if they know how to earn them. Clan leaders can promote specific individuals to the rank of Elder or Co-leader. Each rank comes with extra powers. For example, an Elder can remove a Member from the clan while a Co-leader can demote an Elder back to the rank of Member.