How do you deal with a rude substitute teacher?

How do you deal with a rude substitute teacher?

Be as polite as you can.

  1. When the substitute addresses you, respond politely. Hide your dislike behind your manners.
  2. For example, if the teacher asks you a question, don’t respond by saying something rude. For example, if they ask you something, don’t say, “I don’t know.

How do you deal with substitute teachers?

4 Tips to Overcoming the Substitute Teacher Effect

  1. Leave a Note. You should always leave a note because this lets the absent teacher know what happened in their class.
  2. Communicate the Plan.
  3. Get the Students’ Attention.
  4. Make Sure Everyone is on Task.
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What do you do when a teacher doesn’t leave SUB plans?

Substitutes: What To Do When the Teacher Doesn’t Leave a Lesson…

  1. Leaving a Substitute Teacher Hanging. Substitute teaching can be quite the challenge.
  2. Ask the Students.
  3. Have Go-To Resources on Hand.
  4. Play an Academic Game.
  5. Show a Movie.
  6. Open a Study Hall.
  7. Hold Realistic Objectives.
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What is the most important responsibility of a substitute teacher?

The roles of a substitute teacher are to maintain classroom discipline and to carry on the classroom procedures as if he/she were the regular teacher. A substitute teacher has the same responsibilities and the same duties as the regular teacher, including bus duty and playground supervision.

Why are substitute teachers so bad?

The substitute has little authority, little knowledge about the students, and (sometimes) little content expertise–a poorly paid stranger in a strange land, doing a job that is undervalued in a large, complicated system. Many substitute teachers have considerable expertise. They’re just not in a position to use it.

Why do students act up with subs?

Some school districts have subs that come in every day, like a regular teacher, and, if no sub is needed, they do front office work. The benefit of this arrangement is that the students get to know the sub and are usually nicer to them, and the sub gets to know the school’s particular culture and rules.

What can a substitute teacher not do?

Here are 5 substitute teaching mistakes to avoid — and what to do instead.

  • Don’t be late.
  • Don’t come to class unprepared.
  • Don’t skip the ground rules.
  • Don’t let them lose focus.
  • Don’t take student behavior personally.
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Do substitute teachers have to teach?

All districts and/or schools have a minimum substitute teacher requirement of a high school diploma or its equivalent. In a few areas, substitute teachers must have full teaching qualifications. Just check with the school you are interested in to find out what their substitute teacher requirements are.

What great substitute teachers do differently?

Here’s what the very best substitute teachers do differently.

  • They are ready for anything.
  • They know their stuff.
  • They’re masters of classroom management.
  • They’re reliable.
  • They build rapport easily.

What do you do when your class misbehaves for a sub?

You Got a Bad Sub Report. Now What?

  1. Write letters of apology.
  2. Don’t wait for an absence to lay out your expectations.
  3. But don’t feel like you had to give a disclaimer in order to give a consequence.
  4. Get the parents involved.
  5. Suss out the main perpetrators with student statements.
  6. Names matter!
  7. Focus on the positive.

Why do students misbehave with substitute teachers?

One reason students misbehave for a substitute is the pacing of the day. This can be because there weren’t enough activities left or there were too many and none were labeled as a top priority.

What are some tips for substitute teachers?

The most common tips for substitute teachers I had received from veteran teachers in the past, and read on teacher blogs, was to be forthcoming and give students my expectations and consequences as soon as I said “good morning.” Lay all of the cards out on the table and be up-front with the class.

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What is substitute teachers day?

Substitute teachers are honored on a special day in November. The National Education Association established the annual Substitute Educators Day on the third Friday in November to honor subs around the country. Besides bringing awareness to the work that substitute teachers do]

Why do so many actors become substitute teachers?

There’s a reason a substitute teacher’s face might look familiar. In schools in Los Angeles and New York, many struggling actors work as substitute teachers because they can balance teaching gigs with auditions and short-term film shoots.

How do you get students to respect you as a sub?

While you may only be with the students for a short time, the best way to earn their respect is by being a mentor. I saw this firsthand when I was subbing in an urban school district and noticed that a veteran teacher in the classroom next door was always talking to her students in the hallway.