How do you respond to criticisms?

How do you respond to criticisms?

How Do You Respond to Criticism?

  1. Gratitude. Avoid extremes: don’t get gushy or pretend it doesn’t hurt.
  2. Questions. Avoid statements until you’ve asked clarifying questions.
  3. Restatements. “I hear you saying…”
  4. Request for solutions. Ask for suggested solutions.
  5. Happiness.
  6. Follow-up.
  7. Gratitude again.

How will you deal with feedback?

How to Handle Feedback in 10 Steps

  • Manage Your Initial Response (i.e. Avoid Getting Defensive)
  • Active Listening.
  • Consider the Potential Benefits.
  • Put Yourself in Their Shoes.
  • Thank Them Sincerely.
  • Ask for Examples to Better Understand the Feedback.
  • Request Time to Follow Up.
  • Engage in Self-Assessment.

How do you show that you can take criticism professionally?

Show that you can take criticism professionally by giving an example of how you have used it to facilitate personal and professional growth. Use Humor if Appropriate. If you can give a humorous example, do, but don’t overdo it.

How do you respond to someone who constantly criticizes you?

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Feel free to use delaying tactics such as reflecting what you think the person is saying (“Are you saying that…?”) or saying that you need a minute or two to think about what they’ve said before you respond. Nobody likes to be criticized, but it is part of the human experience.

Is it a favor done on you if someone criticizes you?

If the person wishes the betterment for you then it’s indeed a favor done on you. Otherwise, it hurts, even if the criticism is based on our truth. Criticism, though almost always beneficial if true, but we humans being the emotionally overwhelmed beings we are, tend to give importance to how it is said.

How do you deal with self-criticism?

Turn self-criticism into self-compassion. Cultivate self-compassion. This involves treating yourself like how you would treat a friend: be kind, patient and compassionate. Go easy on yourself. Accept yourself for who you are and your shortcomings. Learn the art of forgiving yourself for the failure/mistake made.

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