How is IIIT Dharwad for ECE?

How is IIIT Dharwad for ECE?

IIIT DHARWAD is one of the newer and finest IIIT’s among other IIIT’s, having well experienced and supportive faculties of both CSE and ECE branch, although it’s new compared with other IIIT’s it had a better setup of laboratories for ECE students You can get equipment whenever you want at any time.

How is IIIT Dharwad placements?

Placement Experience : In 2019, 100\% of eligible student was placed with the highest package of 10 LPA and average of 6 LPA, whereas in 2020 94\% students were placed with 11 LPA highest package and 7 LPA average. In recent 2021 the highest package is around 15 LPA offered by Deloitte.

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Which is better IIIT Dharwad or IIIT Kottayam?

IIIT Dharwad showed a decent placement record of 94\% in the recent statistics. The highest package offered was INR 11 LPA and the average was INR 7 LPA….Admission:

Institutes Cut off
IIIT Kottayam(CSE) 15033-25842

How is IIIT dharwad 2021 Quora?

This year in 2021, cutoffs might fall for IIIT Dharwad, because of the improvement in placements and the permanent campus. CSE and DSAI cutoffs might be around 30000 for GEN in 2021.

Is IIIT Dharwad better than Vit?

If you are a student with good interests in making projects I would suggest you to take ECE in VIT . And if you are looking forward to achieve in academics then IIIT DHARWAD. JOB placements in VIT is really good if you would get a good GPA in your academics .

Is IIIT Dharwad Institute of national importance?

What is IIIT Dharwad? IIIT Dharwad is an Institute of National Importance by an act of Parliament (23 of 2017) set up in PPP mode between the Ministry of Education, Government of India, Government of Karnataka, and KEONICS. They are instrumental in steering the Institute in the right direction.

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Is IIIT Kota good for ECE?

Students participate in various s… Good placements for year 2020. Placements: Around 100\% students of CSE department and more 75\% of ECE department get placed every year. The highest salary package (2019-20) – 29 LPA.

What is the highest package in IIIT Dharwad for BTech?

This year the highest package increased from INR 10 L to INR 11 L. Despite being the new entrant in the corporate world, IIIT Dharwad has made good corporate relations with the industrial giants. Following companies visited the campus of IIIT Dharwad for the recruitment of B.Tech students of IT and ECE.

How can I get a seat in IIIT Dharwad for CSE?

To get in IIIT, Dharwad you must have qualified JEE Main examination. The cut-offs vary per year and with categories you belong to. Usually, to get CSE here you must have around 96-97 percentile in JEE Mains. As I belong to the OBC quota I got a seat at 13000 (Category Rank).

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What is the salary trend at IIIT Dharwad?

It is observed that the students of the IT department received the maximum number of placements. The salary trend of IIIT Dharwad shows the improvement in numbers of its highest, average and lowest salary. This year the highest package increased from INR 10 L to INR 11 L.

How is the coding culture at IIIT Vadodara?

The coding culture of IIIT Vadodara is also very reputed and the location is also well-liked by the students. Every institute will have its pros and cons so it is entirely up to you. Do not get influenced by the reviews and try to decide on your own. Take advice as well if you want to.