How many days are enough for Lansdowne?

How many days are enough for Lansdowne?

To explore Lansdowne and its nearby surroundings at a relaxed pace, one would need 2 days minimum as there are plenty of places in and around Lansdowne. Few of the must visit places are Bhulla Lake, St. Mary’s Church, Tiffin Top, The Garhwal Rifles War Memorial, Bhim Pakora etc.

How do I plan a trip to Lansdowne?


  1. Trip Starting Point: Delhi City.
  2. Mode of Travel: Car (or Cab)
  3. Total Distance (round trip): 625 km.
  4. Travel Time (round trip): 15 Hr 30 Min.
  5. Trip Duration: 2 Days.
  6. Ideal Start Time: 5 AM (Day 1) & 9 AM (Day 2)
  7. Total Places Visited: 7.
  8. Sightseeing Time: \%\%Itinerary_Sightseeing_Time\%\%

What should we do in Lansdowne?

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14 Best Things To Do In Lansdowne, India

  • Camping: Break Free From The Ideal Stay Way.
  • Bhulla Lake Boat Ride: Boating Has Its Fun.
  • Snow Viewpoint Trek: For The Thrill Seekers.
  • Tip N Top Hiking: For That Adrenaline Rush.
  • Nature Walk: Up & Close With Nature.
  • Birdwatching: See Migratory Birds.
  • Religious Tour: Seek Blessings.

Is Lansdowne hilly area?

For a brief introduction, located at a height of 1,700 meters, Lansdowne is a small hill-station in the Pauri Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. The town is named such after Lord Lansdowne, the then Viceroy of India, who visited the place in 1884.

What clothes to wear in Lansdowne in October?

Lansdowne Temperature and Weather Details

Month Min. Temp Weather
November 10°C Pleasant And Clear
October month weather in Lansdowne is the amalgamation of cold and sunny days. Temperature can goes down at night. Heavy woolen clothes are recommended.
December 0°C Pleasant And Clear

Which place is better Mussoorie or Lansdowne?

Both Lansdowne & Mussoorie are good hill station but quite different. Mussoorie is more popular, commercialised, lots of activities to do , shopping etc but Lasndowne is very quite, cool, calm and scenic. Lansdowne is far away from hustle and bustle of cities but still nearest hill station from Delhi..

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Is there river in Lansdowne?

Lansdowne River rises below Mount Gibraltar in the Gibraltar Range, north northwest of Upper Lansdowne, and flows generally southeast before reaching its confluence with the Northern Arm of the Manning River, near Coopernook. The river descends 740 metres (2,430 ft) over its 51 kilometres (32 mi) course.

What is the pin code of Lansdowne?

Lansdowne/Zip codes
Lansdowne is located in Pauri Garhwal in Uttarakhand, India. The Pin Code of Lansdowne is 246155. Get more details along with the Pin Code of Lansdowne. Lansdowne is located in Pauri Garhwal district in Uttarakhand.

What are the top sightseeing Places in Lansdowne?

The top sightseeing places in Lansdowne are Bhulla Lake, Tip N Top, St. John’s Church, Darwan Singh Regimental Museum, Jungle Safari, Bhim Pakora.

Why Lansdowne is a popular tourist attraction in Uttarakhand?

Lansdowne, the quaint hillside of Uttarakhand is gradually becoming a popular tourist attraction, especially because of its old world charm and lush green mountainscape decorated with deodar and pine groves. Not just that but the beautiful places to visit in Lansdowne has made a place in everyone’s hearts.

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What are the best cafes in Lansdowne?

Lansdowne Trip- Travel Cafe is one of the best cafes in Lansdowne boasting of vibrant interiors and beautiful aesthetics. The cafe gives a retro feel of an old traditional Indian home. In addition to that, it has comic books, board games, and absolutely lip-smacking maggi.

What is the Lansdowne Hill station famous for?

Lansdowne is well-known for its scenic beauty, weather and peaceful surroundings. In Lansdowne Hill Station you will get a glimpse of the well preserved British heritage bungalows and Churches. Enjoy the enchanting views of Himalayas, with majestic sunrise and sunset from different viewpoints in Lansdowne.