How many people have been Clayface?

How many people have been Clayface?

There have been eight Clayfaces over the years—several of them even formed their own club, the Mud Pack—and the DCAU’s Matt Hagen takes elements from the first two. The origin story is, however, original to the DCAU. The first Clayface, Basil Karlo, was an actor, and originally nothing but a man in a mask.

What is Clayface backstory?

The second version of Clayface, Matt Hagen, first appeared in Detective Comics #298. A treasure hunter, Hagen finds a mysterious radioactive pool of protoplasm in a cave. Immersing himself in it by accident, he is transformed into a malleable clay-like form which could be shaped into almost anything he desires.

Is Clayface a hero?

Clayface, hero After the Justice League’s return and the fall of the Crime Syndicate, Clayface attempted to escape Gotham as repairs began underway.

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Are there any Clayface movies?

Different incarnations of Clayface have appeared in multiple animated DC films and shows over the years, including the Matt Hagen iteration first voiced by Ron Perlman in Batman: The Animated Series during the early 1990s.

Who is Clayface in the Batman?

Ethan Bennit, better known as Clayface, is a major antagonist in the 2004 show The Batman. Though he starts off as a supporting protagonist who is also Bruce Wayne’s friend, but becomes a villain following him inhaling putty made by the Joker, through he redeems himself later on. He was voiced by Steve Harris.

Is there a Clayface in the DCAU?

The DCAU version of Clayface was Matt Hagen, who was a noted actor who became Clayface after over-exposure to Renuyu. In Batman: The Animated Series, several episodes featured a more tragic Clayface character, who was voiced by Ron Perlman, that combined aspects of several of the comic-book Clayfaces.

Why did Clayface side with Joker in Arkham City?

Despite not actually imprisoned in Arkham City, Clayface sided with the Joker for one key reason; to play “the role of a lifetime” and take the persona of Batman after he killed him. At the request of the Joker, Karlo posed as the healthy crazed Clown Prince of Crime and made the clown’s henchmen believe that Joker had recovered.

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How was Clayface defeated?

Clayface was defeated when The Flash planted fireworks in his clay body and Hawkgirl ignited them, and blew Clayface apart. He resurfaced in a later issue of the JLU Comic. In Batman: The Animated Series, Clayface’s unique cellular structure allowed him to transform his body into any shape or form that he desired.