How many times did Dr. Strange die in the time loop?

How many times did Dr. Strange die in the time loop?

Before that happened, Strange was killed but the entity several times, and a line from an earlier draft explicitly said that he’d been put to death at least 1,000 times, making the situation signifcantly more intense.

Does Dr. Strange remember the time loop?

Because time doesn’t exist in Dark Dimension. That’s why both Dormammu and Strange remember all the previous loops.

How did Dr. Strange break the time loop?

, A big fan of Marvel movies and a repeat viewer of Dr. Strange in particular. He cast a spell around the Eye of Agamotto that meant that at a pre-defined point in the future (let’s say 10 minutes from now) time rewinds back to the point at which he cast the spell.

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Why didn’t Dr. Strange keep Thanos in a time loop?

Since Thanos exists inside the time, his memory will be reset, therefore the time loop won’t make him tired and fall like it did to Dormammu. Thanos will do what he is supposed to do every time and Dr. Strange will only reset his memory after the end of each loop.

Why didn’t Avengers use the time Stone?

Originally Answered: Why didn’t they just use the stones to bring back Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame? Because he wasn’t killed by dusting, so it was impossible to bring him back. Even if they went back in time to get a different Tony Stark, they would risk bringing Thanos back to the present too.

Does Doctor Strange ever get frustrated with the time loop?

If he didn’t remember the previous iterations of the time loop, there’s no reason for him to ever get frustrated. Also, note that Dormammu tries something to kill Strange different every time, implying that he knows his previous attempts didn’t succeed. But Strange, too, changes his behavior as his loop repeats.

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How did Thanos get the time stone from Doctor Strange?

In a position where Strange creates a time loop, he has to use the stone to do it (ie, not be hiding it). Then Thanos has a target. Instead of killing him over and over again and resetting the loop as Dormammu did, Thanos understands the power of the time stone and that Strange just gave him an infinite number of attempts to try and get it.

How did Doctor Strange get his eye?

(I believe he was actually given the eye by the Ancient One becausehe defeated Dormammu). In the comics, when Strange goes to the Dark Dimension to confront Dormammu, Dormammu’s retaliation ends up releasing a horde of Mindless Ones (very dangerous extra-dimensional beings).

Why did Dr Strange throw the fight with Dormammu?

Dr Strange threw the fight because he saw Avengers 4. Everyone here is correct (ie the only winning future was the one where they lost that fight) but there is a more obvious reason why any time loop future is a loss one (assuming he would be able to loop Thanos as he did Dormammu in the first place).

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