How old was Draupadi in the story?

How old was Draupadi in the story?

The war of Mahabharata lasted for 18 days. During this period, the color of Draupadi’s face became darker and darker. As if his eyes were sunken in a ravine, the dark circles under him also took his blood-soaked arms to their limits. Draupadi’s age now looked like 80 years.

What was the age of Bhishma in Mahabharata?

Originally Answered: What could be the age of Bhishma during Kurukshetra war? At the time of Bhishma’s death, he is 148 years old.

What was the age of Karna during Mahabharata war?

Karna was of age 107 years when he died on 17th day of Mahabharata War (BCE 3138). Karna was 16 years elder to Yuddhisthira. Yuddhisthira was of age 91 years at the time of Mahabharata War.

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What happened to Draupadi after the Kurukshetra War?

After the Kurukshetra War, her humiliation was avenged, but she lost her father, brothers and her five children. At the end of the epic, Pandavas and Draupadi retired to the Himalayas and walked to heaven. Because of her partiality towards Arjuna, Draupadi was the first one to fall on the way.

Did Kurukshetra War happen only for a woman?

I have often heard a casual comment regarding Draupadi Vastraharan in Mahabharata, that ‘Kurukshetra war happened only for a woman’. Firstly, it would have anyway happened since the two parties were riven with hatred right from the beginning. The Kauravas made multiple attempts to assassinate the Pandavas.

Was draupadi born from Yuddhisthira?

First Dhristadhyummn born from that Yagnya and latter Draupadi born from that Yagnya. Yuddhisthira was of age 16 years when his father King Pandu die (because of curse of Kindama Maharshi). Kunti (Pritha) came to Hastinapura with 5 Pandava brothers after death of Pandu (at age 50 years).

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How old was Draupadi when she married all Pandavas?

Draupadi was of 30 years when she married to all Pandava. Draupadi was of 25 years when she born from holly fire. Pandava married to Draupadi in BCE 3195. Age of all Pandavas and Kauravas at the time of Draupadi Swayamvar.