Is an MBA worth getting for an engineer?

Is an MBA worth getting for an engineer?

Very often Software Engineers think that an MBA will help them get promoted, become engineering managers or get a raise. In reality, though, the MBA won’t help in any of these goals. If you want to remain in a technical role, where you write code, then the MBA is not a good degree to pursue.

Is MBA worth it at 30?

Doing an MBA at 30 or 40 will provide you with an immense learning experience with more post-MBA internship opportunities and work well for candidates who need theoretical business knowledge.

Should I do an MBA after 10 years of engineering experience?

Your 10 years’ engineering experience most likely has involved a lot of analytical and team-based work, which should also be useful in your MBA courses. If you like business, you should probably do well in your MBA program. 3. As I mentioned above, I wish I had completed the MBA program earlier in my career.

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Is it worth it to go for an MBA?

It is worth it, if you have a specific plan for your career, including how you plan to use your MBA. The latter would include the type of MBA program that would be best for your goals, experience, current employment and financial situation. Your options are full time, part-time and executive MBA, assuming you qualify).

Is a 33 year old too old to start an MBA?

At age 33 you are still fairly young in your career to pursue a new or modified direction. At 33, you are 11 years younger than I was when I started a (part time) MBA. I know a person here in Quora who had about 8 years’ experience as an engineer when he started a full time MBA at age 30. So you are only 3 years older than he was.

How did you find the MBA easy?

I found the MBA easy after about 5 years’ experience as a system analysis engineer and 17 years experience as a management consultant. My substantial experience in the consulting tasks of research, data analysis, business case analysis, report writing and presentations was very helpful in both the content and process of the MBA course work.

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