Is Captain Marvel stronger than Hulk MCU?

Is Captain Marvel stronger than Hulk MCU?

No, Captain Marvel is not stronger than Hulk. Her strength level is at 800,000 tons, while Hulk’s strength is so high that it is incalculable. In addition, Carol Danvers confirms that her power or other avengers like Thor is no match for gamma strength.

Can Captain Marvel defeat the Hulk?

Like Thor, Captain Marvel may be outmatched by the Hulk’s strength, but she’s still capable of hurting him, and he only escapes when She-Hulk, won over by Red Harpy, betrays her team and helps her cousin escape.

Can MCU Thor beat Captain Marvel?

Marvel rates their characters in six categories — Durability, Energy, Fighting Skills, Intelligence, Speed, and Strength — on a scale from one to seven. Danvers has the upper hand when it comes to intelligence, beating Thor three to two, while Thor bests Captain Marvel in Speed and Strength by a full two points each.

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Who would win in a fight between Hulk and Carol Danvers?

But, in the end, Hulk wins the combat between him and Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers is immensely powerful but so is the green superhero. He precedes her both in strength and durability.

Is Captain Marvel a match for the Hulk?

In the newest issue of Immortal Hulk, Captain Marvel flat out admits that not only is she no match for the Hulk, but her along with all of Alpha flight stands no chance against him.

Is the Hulk the smartest superhero?

Hulk isn’t the smartest superhero out there. The same can’t be said about Bruce Banner but when Hulk takes over, Banner usually steps aside and lets the Green Giant rage. Captain Marvel, on the other hand, retains her intellectual skills in a fight as well.

Will Danvers be one shot in the MCU?

MCU Danvers will one shot though because feminism. Hulk one-shots both rounds. Kevin Feige may have meant that Binary Captain Marvel is going to be the strongest MCU character we’ve seen. In her standard form she may not be any stronger than Iron Man for all we know.

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