Is Darkseid a Superman villain or a Justice League villain?

Is Darkseid a Superman villain or a Justice League villain?

Darkseid was one of the two main villains of the Justice League series, the second being Vandal Savage and was originally the main villain of the New Gods.

Can The Joker defeat Batman?

Joker may not always succeed in thwarting Batman, but every once in a while is still enough to torment him enough both physically and mentally. Far from intimidation, The Joker has managed to kill Batman, in body and in spirit. With that being said, Batman wouldn’t be Batman, if it wasn’t for The Joker.

What superheroes has Joker killed?

15 Superheroes The Joker Has Defeated (That Aren’t Batman)

  • 15 Superman (Injustice)
  • 14 Aquaman.
  • 13 Batgirl.
  • 12 Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman #97)
  • 11 Jason Todd (as Robin)
  • 10 The Entire Justice League (Endgame)
  • 9 Alexander Luthor.
  • 8 Jason Todd (as Red Hood)
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Does Batman turn into the Joker?

The Batman Who Laughs is a version of Batman from Earth-22 of the Dark Multiverse. The Batman Who Laughs proceeds to take over Earth-22, killing off most of his allies and turning his son Damian Wayne into a mini-Joker and recruiting the children infected by the Joker Toxin as his “Rabid Robins”.

What happened to the Joker in Arkham Knight?

In the famed Batman: Arkham Knight, the crown prince of crime has a cure to his illness that lies with Batman. The Joker prowls Batman to get the antidote from him, but ends up causing Batman to drop the same. Though Batman admits that he would have saved The Joker after all that that he has done.

Is Superman more powerful than Darkseid in Justice League?

It’s evident that both beings possess world-shaking power, but one of them might be more powerful than the other. Superman enjoys more screen time than Darkseid in Snyder’s Justice League, so naturally, some DCEU fans understand his powers better.

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Does Batman ever kill a villain without any remorse?

In the end, Batman kills the supervillain without any remorse, whatsoever. In one of the firstest Batman comics, Batman Vol. 1 #1 Hugo Strange makes use of growth serum onto patients getting treatment at an asylum. The resultant is that each of the patients turns into Monster Men, hell-bent on destruction.

What happened in the Justice League animated series?

In the Justice League animated series episode a “A Better World,” Superman finally hears it one too many times and gives Lex the response he had coming. Taking place in an alternate universe, Lex Luthor has risen to the presidency and murdered the Flash along the way. This in turns leads the Justice League to storm the White House.