Is Iimjobs a good website?

Is Iimjobs a good website?

On, we get the highest quality applications against every job posting. The math is simple. Against an average of 300 applications, only 10 get shortlisted which leaves 290 applicants or 96.7\% of the junta dejected. Yes, the economy might be shaky but boy, is the job market in India competitive!

Is Hirect App genuine?

All the companies on Hirect are 100\% verified by our team. Hirect is a user-friendly platform if you’re looking to hire or if you’re looking for a job. The best part about the app for me is the direct chat feature that allows you to connect with decision-makers from anywhere.

How do you use Naukri Job postings?

We use Naukri Job postings extensively to attract unregistered applies. A unique feature of Naukri Job Postings is the flexibility it provides job seekers to apply for jobs without registering on the database . This helps them attract senior professionals to apply on Job Postings in complete confidentiality.

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How does Naukri AI work?

With Naukri AI, your job gets highlighted to the right candidates (both active and passive) through candidates’ search results, job recommendations, job alert mailers and notifications.

Why Naukri is the best e-hire service?

Because of Naukri e-hire service , our HR can concentrate more on onboarding and other HR activities rather than spending most of their time on shortlisting and validating candidates interests.” “Firstnaukri is the platform where you will get all solutions to campus hiring needs.

What are the best job boards in India for job seekers? is one of the few job boards in India that is constantly upgrading its features to make it easier for job seekers as well as recruiters. Some of the new good features are Secure login using OTP for sub users, Interactive drop downs, Candidate CV timeline & Recent searches/ Keywords.