Is it come back or came back?

Is it come back or came back?

‘come back’. the sentence is correct the way it is. if you wanted to use ‘came’, then you could rephrase it to say “A few hours had passed and they hoped Yukino would have ‘came back’ to them”.

What is correct going home or coming home?

Your understanding is correct. The difference is in whom you are speaking to. If you are addressing someone who is not currently at your home, you would say “I am going home.” If you are addressing someone who is currently at your home, you would say “I am coming home.”

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Can you say back home?

“Are you at home?” is just asking about where the person is. When you are talking about a house, it is “back home” without the preposition “to”. When discussing computer information, you say “back to home” as in home page.

Is it correct to say back to home?

Yes and no. “Back to home” would be correct if home was used as proper noun, a specific name for a place, and would thus need to be capitalized; “Back to Home.” Inserting an adjective would make it work as well; “Back to my/her/his/their/etc home” or “Back to the white home.”

What do you mean by come back?

intransitive verb. 1 : to return to life or vitality. 2 : to return to memory it’s all coming back to me now. 3 : reply, retort when questioned, he came back with a vehement denial.

What is meaning of coming home?

come home. 1. To return to one’s home after time away from it.

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What is a good sentence for back hometo?

Here are some examples. Sentence Examples I carried on to the client’s home and then hot footed it back hometo get David. She said afterwards that they had made her feel uneasy and that she had turned to go back hometo avoid them. Once she had gunned the engine of her corvette, she zoomed back hometo Pinnacle Point.

Is “he comes back home at 6” correct?

It is correct if you use it for telling a story. “He comes back home (and find the food on the table).” If it is a repeated action: “He comes back home at 6 (after work). If it is a scheduled action (e.g. he is an actor and has a performance in his native town): “He comes back home (for the show)”.

How do you use come back in a sentence?

Come back can be used in other ways, too. Below are some examples of the different ways it can be used. It can be used to mean “to return to a former good condition,” “to be successful in a game, sport, etc., after being behind” or “to become popular or fashionable again”:

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What is the preposition before the word home?

In English, you don’t use a preposition (“to”) right before the word “home”; you just say, “I came back home.” However, you do have to use the preposition “to” if you say something like, “I came back to my home” or “I went back to her house” or even “I returned to the restaurant.” Explanation provided by a TextRanch English expert.